Takeover Tuesday: 98 Degrees' 'Throwback to the 2000s' Playlist (Exclusive)

Takeover Tuesday with 98 Degrees
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Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week Billboard taps charting artists and mega taste-makers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free reign to base the list on whatever subject they want and add whatever tracks they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

98 Degrees -- brothers Drew and Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre, and Jeff Timmons -- ?first came on the scene in the late 1990s as a boy band whose enticingly seductive ballads had fans weak in the knees. The band’s flawless harmonies brought them hits like “The Hardest Thing,” “Because of You” and “My Everything” -- and also prompted the release of “Girls Night Out” a few years later, a song that showcased the band's chemistry even after their brief hiatus.

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Now, 98 Degrees is kicking off the My2K Tour in Park City, Kansas, on July 8 alongside fellow TRL mainstays Dream, O-Town and Ryan Cabrera. The tour will feature two steamy months of serenades from the crooners whose posters once wallpapered teenage bedrooms across the country. In preparation for the summer of nostalgia, the guys are letting fans warm up with their favorite songs from the 2000s.

Listen below and find out why these songs are the perfect aughts throwbacks:


1. Justin Timberlake, "Cry Me a River": "We've all been there and felt this way."

2. Kanye West"Stronger" 

3. Alicia Keys"Empire State of Mind" 

4. Black Eyed Peas, "I Got a Feeling": "That was the ultimate party song that year."


5. Kanye West, "Stronger" 

6. Creed, "With Arms Wide Open": "Nothing like bringing a son into the world."

7. Coldplay, "Viva La Vida" 

8. Alicia Keys, "No One" 

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9. Beyonce, "Halo": "Great drive, great melody and what's not to love about Beyonce?"

10. Santana, "Maria, Maria": "We were in the studio working with the Fugees and [Wyclef Jean] played it for us before it even came out."

11. Maroon 5, "Harder to Breathe": "Great groove. Adam Levine sings his face off!"

12. Outkast, "B.O.B" 


13. Big and Rich, "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" 

14. Jay Z and Linkin Park, "Numb/Encore"

15. Justin Timberlake, "Like I Love You"

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16. Bruno Mars, "If I Was Your Man": "A beautiful song that made me miss a past love."

17. Britney Spears, "Womanizer" 

18. Outkast, "Hey Ya": "An instant classic that was a throwback. A lot of fun to dance to."

19. Beyonce, "Single Ladies": "I love it because the ladies love it."

20. Beyonce feat. Jay Z, "Crazy in Love" 


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21. Destiny's Child, "Say My Name": "It's got a great groove."

22. Flo Rida, "Low": "It's a fun tune."

23. Lady Gaga, "Poker Face": "This song has such a great beat."

24. Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling" 

25. Usher, "Love in This Club" 

26. Mariah Carey, "Touch My Body" 

27. T-Pain and Chris Brown, "Kiss Kiss"  

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