A Night Out With We the Kings' 'Our Story of Tonight' Playlist: Takeover Tuesday

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We the Kings Wraps Tour in Los Angeles: Best Moments From the Final Show

We the Kings broke out with the Billboard Hot 100 single "Check Yes Juliet," and nearly a decade later, the rock quintet is still going strong. The band just wrapped up a U.S. tour and will hit the road again in June, but they still found time to release their latest single, which pays tribute to Broadway's sensational Hamilton.

"The Story of Tonight" is a rock rendition of the musical's hit and is all about having an "epic night" before opening the next chapter in life. In honor of the new single, We the Kings has teamed up with Billboard to share a playlist of their favorite songs to help you have a night you'll never forget.

Listen to the "Our Story of Tonight" playlist and check out We the Kings' thoughts on their picks in their own words.

1. We the Kings -- "The Story of Tonight"

2. Jimmy Eat World -- "Big Casino"

3. Coldplay -- "Adventure of a Lifetime"

4. The Killers -- "When You Were Young": I loved this song since the first time I heard it. It's an arena rock anthem that radiates a larger than life energy.

5. DNCE -- "Cake by the Ocean": This song makes me dance every time and anywhere I hear it. It's meant to start a party.

6. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness -- "Cecilia and the Satellite" 

7. Keith Urban -- "Cop Car": The chorus melody alone is enough to have Coley and Hunter warming up with it before every show. 

8. Oasis -- "Wonderwall": Every time I hear this song it still feels like the first time. I'll never get tired of this song. Takes me to a place I'm still wandering through.


9. Muse -- "Starlight"

10. Ryan Adams -- "Feels Like Fire"

11. Sia -- "Chandelier": That voice. I fell in love with this song on first listen. That chorus is so big, I don't know how it fits through the speakers.

12. Mumford & Sons -- "Tompkins Square Park"

13. The Strokes -- "Last Nite"

14. Arctic Monkeys -- "Crying Lightning"

15. The Starting Line -- "Island"

16. The Goo Goo Dolls -- "Black Balloon"


Awesome show last night in NYC!!! Been a great tour so far! #thestoryoftonight

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17. Gin Blossoms -- "Follow You Down": '90s alt rock at its finest. The song and the sound still hold true till this day. Timeless is how I describe this song.

18. Dierks Bentley -- "Riser"

19. The Smashing Pumpkins -- "Tonight, Tonight": Billy Corgan's musical brain is one of my favorites, and this song gives a look inside his unique capabilities as a songwriter.

20. Youngblood Hawke -- "We Come Running"

21. U2 -- Where the Streets Have No Name": You could play this song on one string and sing -- it would still hold up. The production on The Joshua Tree just gives an added bonus.

22. Taylor Swift -- "Red": This song is a favorite on my running playlist. Great driving rhythm that sets the pace.

23. Weezer -- "Buddy Holly"

24. New Found Glory -- Catalyst


25. Foo Fighters -- "Best of You": "Tension" best describes the feeling that this song keeps me hanging on. 30,000 people were meant to sing this song at once.

26. Peter Gabriel -- "In Your Eyes"

27. All American Rejects -- "Move Along"

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