'Chillin' on the Road' with Brett Eldredge's Takeover Tuesday Playlist

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Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week Billboard taps charting artists and mega taste-makers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free reign to base the list on whatever subject they want and add whatever tracks they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

Brett Eldredge has been making country fans swoon with his soulful lyrics for the past few years, and his latest hit single "Drunk On Your Love" continues to thrive on the Billboard Hot 100. The Illinois native has gone from opening for Taylor Swift on her 2013 tour to headlining this year's Country Night Lights festival in Ohio, along with a recent performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Jake Owen, Brett Eldredge & More to Headline Country Night Lights Festival

For this week's Takeover Tuesday, Eldredge shares his "Chillin' on the Road" playlist featuring some of his country favorites and tracks from a range of songwriters that he loved listening to while on the road and overseas. Listen below and check out Eldredge's stories in his own words.


1. Rayland Baxter -- "The Woman for Me": I feel like this song is one of those where I’m looking for that girl and where do I find that woman for me, as I’m always looking for her. I find myself writing from this place a lot so I felt like he was really speaking to me on this song and I’ve just really grown to love his music.

2. Jake Bugg -- "Broken" 

3. Michael Bublé -- "Lost"

4. Ryan Adams -- "Come Pick Me Up": I love this song, it’s been around awhile now.  The lyrics are so honest. Pretty much saying just come break my heart, what do I have to lose now? It’s just a brutally honest, awesome song.

5. Keith Urban -- "You'll Think of Me"

6. Sigur Rós -- "Ekki Múkk": This is a song that I listened to when I was overseas in Europe and I was laying on the floor in a library in Naples, Italy, waiting to play a show for some sailors. I heard this song come on the playlist and I just started crying for some reason. Just got a little emotional. I don’t even know if it is a real language he’s speaking. Whatever it was, I was making my own words up as the song went on. It just really floored me.

7. John Mayer -- "Stop This Train"

8. Coldplay -- "Sparks": I’ve always loved this song, it's from an old album of theirs. The lyrics just really take you to a place. I mean, from day one they were writing these crazy melodies and no one has really done that style, and that is what I love about them. This song is unique to itself. 

9. Tim McGraw -- "Humble and Kind": This song just speaks for itself on how we should all try to live our lives and just be humble and kind, and just give back and not let the grind of life take over our soul and change who we are. Always be humble and kind. I thank you, Tim, for recording this song and Lori McKenna who wrote this song. This is bettering the world and I hope that it has changed the lives of some folks and just remind us to always be humble and kind.

10. Sarah Bareilles -- "Gravity" 


I am so crazy excited about singing on @jimmy_fallon TONIGHT!!!!! Tune in! @jimmyfallon

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11. Alexi Murdoch -- "Orange Sky"

12. James Bay -- "Move Together": This guy is really starting to blow up right now.  This was the first song I heard by this guy. Keeping the peace between the sheets is pretty much just getting down and sexy, and saying how are we going to move closer and let's figure this all out.

13. Dustin Tebbutt -- "The Breach": This is a song that is so cool. I was really starting to get into this song, I was running on the beach in Rota, Spain, and this song just made me feel like a traveler. Every time I hear that song it takes me back to that beach, and I love that about it.

14. Craig Cardiff -- "Dirty Old Town"

15. Damien Rice -- "I Don't Want to Change You"

16. Rayland Baxter -- "Rugged Lovers": It is just the most poetic, most beautiful song. I feel like we have all been there. It kind of has this loneliness to it but also a struggle in love and a hope in love, and the lost feeling you get from love. You still feel like you're pulling for the guy to find that right one, to get together with this girl.

17. Keith Urban -- "Break On Me"

18. Ray LaMontagne -- "Jolene":  I’m always a big fan of his. This song, man it’s such a heartbreak. From right at the top he he’s drunk in a ditch, he’s sold his jacket to buy cigarettes. This guy is just completely torn up and doesn’t know what love is and has completely hit rock bottom. This girl is everything to him and he’s just lost in the world without her. I feel for him and I feel like everyone has been there, and even if you haven’t been there you can tell that this guy is really heartbroken. It's good to know that other people have gone through some of the same things you have.

19. John Mayer -- "Gravity"

20. Charlie Robison & Kenny Chesney -- "El Cerrito Place": Charlie Robinson originally recorded the song and then Kenny Chesney later recorded.  Both Charlie and Kenny have great versions. It’s about this guy just looking for this girl and he’s never going to stop looking for her. He’s desperate to find her, and he won’t stop looking for her. Who hasn’t done that?


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21. Johnnyswim -- "Closer"

22. David Gray -- "This Year's Love": I think we’ve all had those points in life where you ask God “Is this is going to be the one? Is this next love going to be the final one?”  

23. Ray LaMontagne -- "Be Here Now": It's just kind of like being in the moment. Just be here now. It's just just so sexy and sometimes I wish I sang like that guy because he has such a cool thing.

24. John Mayer -- "Wheel"

25. Brandon Flowers -- "Between Me and You"

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