Takeover Tuesdays: LIGHTS' Hot Tub Time Machine Playlist

For this week's Takeover Tuesday playlist, singer-songwriter LIGHTS shares the "songs [she] would go back in time to steal and release as [her] own super album." Take a listen below and jump into LIGHTS's hot tub time machine!

1. "Seasons (Waiting on You)" - Future Islands - I would first study Samuel T. Herring's dance moves then go back before his time and perform it myself the same way with this song so that everyone would bow to my mind-bending glory.

2. "Lean On" - Major Lazer- I recently started covering this song acoustically and came to realize how amazing this song actually is when you pare it back. This would be a great fit for my Super Album. 

3. "Hold On, We're Going Home" - Drake - I still don't really know what's going on in this song but Drake is the omniscient 6 god and I respect that, and I respect the way that this song makes me feel, which is very good. 

4. "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys - This song was the first time I really came to embrace a snare tone that resembled the sound of getting punched in the face. A sound so intense, but a song so emotional. It also came out the day after I turned 12, and I will never forget that. 

5. "Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)" - Lana Del Rey - This song is so beautiful and sad, and I love the way Lana does it. But when I steal it, I'll release the RAC Remix version of it because I think only Lana can do Lana, and this version is vibey as hell.

6. "My Girls" - Animal Collective - One of my all-time favorite songs. It’s all about wanting the simple things in life, just wanting to provide for your family, but told in the most poetic and sonically abstract way. 

7. "Unsteady" - X Ambassadors - We brought these lads out on a couple of our tours before they exploded the universe with Renegades, which is a great song. But I would steal "Unsteady" because every night when they would play this song I would melt. Sorry, boys. It's 1996 and this song is mine. 

8. "Shake It Out" - Florence + The Machine - This is the ultimate command and conquer anthem. When I listen to it I just want to give everyone the finger and dance away the pain. 

9. "Buzzcut Season" - Lorde - Best song on your record, baby girl. Or wait, it's on mine now. But the melodies and intimacy and the production are perfect.

10. "Viva Forever" - Spice Girls - When I was a kid, I used to make fake radio shows and I would act as the broadcaster, producing all the advertisements and all the performances. This was my staple track on all my stations. Also, since this is the oldest song on my playlist, by my calculations I'd have to go back to at least 1996, the year before it was recorded, in order to successfully claim it as my own. 

11. "What Do You Mean?" - Justin Bieber - This song is simple and sweet, but with the sexy flute hook, it's a straight banger. 

12. "Jump in the Pool" - Friendly Fires - I've always seen this song as an anthem for jumping into the unknown, with no inhibitions. And I love swimming in pools and jumping into them even more. So I'm definitely down for this song on all fronts. 

13. "Magic (Coldplay Cover)" - Brandy - Magic is one of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever heard put with some of the sweetest melodies. But Brandy's cover floored me, and I would definitely steal this version and break loads of '90s hearts. 

14. "Happy With Me" - HOLYCHILD - This song is just happy vibes all over the place, and that's what my Super Album is all about. 

15. "Julia" - SZA - Ending this off on some chill tones coming from SZA. Love this artist and this song is pure peace. 

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