Ty Dolla Sign Says Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are 'Both Boof As F---, But We Have One That's More Boof': Exclusive

Jory Lee Cordy/Atlantic Records
Ty Dolla $ign

Until now, West-coast rapper Ty Dolla $ign's rhymes have been more about partying than politics, but with the opening track of his latest album, Campaign -- "Intro" -- and "No Justice," featuring Big TC -- he takes a jaundiced look at presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and police brutality against unarmed blacks. In the wake of the West-coast rapper's inaugural "Dolla Day” in Los Angeles on Sept. 25 --which urged young people to vote in November (and helped register those who attended -- Ty spoke exclusively to Billboard about his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election and the Charlotte, NC riots in late September following the police-involved shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. 

Did you call your mixtape Campaign specifically to connect it to the upcoming presidential election? 
Don’t call my sh-t a mix tape ever in your f---ing life.  It’s a soundtrack for the presidential election, starring Ty Dolla $ign. And I’m on my campaign, as well.

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You're urging your fans to go out and vote, and yet, based on Campaign's first track, you don't seem to be a fan of either candidate. What's your take on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?  
Everybody seems to be saying, "Stay at home, don't vote because we have two that are both boof as f--k. But we have one that’s more boof.  So I want to encourage everyone to vote so that we don't end up with a guy that says he's going to f---ing ban fucking Mexicans for coming out here and build a wall and make them pay for it.  Like come on, man. Would you rather have a president hiding their emails and, um, lying about other things.  Or, uh, a f---ing racist?  I think it’s an easy call even though both of them are f---ing boof like I said.  [Hillary's campaign] is not paying me to say this.

What's your reaction to the North Carolina riots? 
“Rioting definitely brings attention to the situation at hand. People try to not pay attention to what the fuck is going on even though we’ve had all this shit happening [on Instagram] and on the news.  Does a riot cost a lot of money and hurt people and f--k sh-t up?  Yeah it does.  But certain times like this shit is required to bring attention. And yet, it's still going.  Why do we have to have another riot?”

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A white officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma was recently charged with manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher. Do you think that's a sign that tide is turning? 
I think she should have being charged with murder. Didn't she shoot him on camera? If I f---ing shot somebody on camera, they would charge me with murder. 


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