Cody Simpson's New Girlfriend Escaped Isla Vista Killer, Chris Martin Still Seeing Gwyneth's New Age Guru & More Inside Scoop

Cody Simpson 2016
Marc Flores/Getty Images

Cody Simpson performs on stage at Malibu Guitar Festival at Malibu Village on April 30, 2016 in Malibu, Calif.

Cody Simpson's New Girlfriend Had a Too-Close Call With Isla Vista Killer Elliot Rodger
After dating high-profile models Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner, Australian singer Cody Simpson's has moved on to a new girlfriend who's also spent time in the spotlight -- for a frightening reason. Sierra Swartz, 20, a model and aspiring singer was among the intended victims of Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista Killer, who murdered six people and injured 14 others near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara in May 2014.

In television interviews aired at the time, Swartz said that Rodger -- the son of Peter Rodger, a second-unit director for The Hunger Games -- pulled up to her in a black BMW as she was walking home and opened fire. She was not hit by any of the bullets and fled, seeking shelter in a nearby home. (Rodger took his own life.)

Cody Simpson: 25 Photos of A Day in His Life

VIPs backstage at the Malibu Guitar Festival noted that the 19-year-old "Wilderness" singer was at the show with Swartz,? and a source in Simpson's camp confirms that the two have been dating for just weeks. Judging by their beach-side manner, their relationship is progressing nicely. After finishing a 45-minute set with his band Coast House, Simpson headed backstage and made a beeline for Swartz who was hanging out in sponsor D'Angelico Guitars' VIP booth. The couple then proceeded to engage in some serious PDA.

Chris Martin in the Be Hive
Whatever Coldplay frontman Chris Martin thinks of the phrase “conscious uncoupling,” he still uses the services of new age doctor Habib Sadeghi, whose essay explaining the concept was heavily referenced in Gwyneth Paltrow’s now-famous announcement on her Goop blog that she and Martin were separating. An insider says Martin visited the Be Hive of Healing - Integrative Medical Center in Agoura Hills, Calif., on April 29 for one of Sadeghi’s revitalizing vitamin and mineral BEE IV drips and was overheard telling the doctor that his treatments had "saved my life" while Martin was on tour.

Rev. Al Rocks Aoki
Rev. Al Sharpton prefers R&B and gospel, but he’s hip to the latest trends in music. When electro house DJ Steve Aoki met the activist and PoliticsNation host at MSNBC’s White House Correspondents Dinner afterparty on April 30, Sharpton surprised the musician by telling him he was a fan of his track “Born to Get Wild,” which features will.i.am. “He came up to me to say that he respected some of my positions [on issues], and I think he was surprised that an activist preacher knew who he was," Sharpton told Billboard. "But I'm a music fan and Steve represents a genre of music whose time is now." Sharpton, who'd the spent the night before the Correspondents Dinner in the company of his hero Aretha Franklin at the International Jazz Day All-Star Global Concert on the South Lawn of the White House, added that after their initial conversation, Aoki came back to take a selfie with him.