Harry Hains, Australian Actor, Model & Musician, Dies at 27

Harry Hains
Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Harry Hains arrives at MYX TV presents Cast Me! on Sept. 22, 2016 in Los Angeles. 

Harry Hains, Australian actor, model and musician, died Tuesday, according to his mother, American and Australian actress and singer Jane Badler. He was 27 years old.

Badler did not reveal the cause of his death.

"He was 27 and had the world at his feet. But sadly he struggled with mental illness and addiction," she somberly reflected in an Instagram on Thursday (Jan. 9), which showcased candid, modeling and family shots of her son. "A brilliant spark shone bright too short a time .. I will miss you Harry every day of my life."

Hains ditched medical school in Australia and moved to London, New York and eventually Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. In LA, he dabbled in acting, modeling, writing poetry and making music. He appeared in Netflix's The OA TV series, FX's American Horror Story: Hotel season and Amazon's Sneaky Pete series. He also produced music under the pseudonym ANTIBOY.

"ANTIBOY is this character that I’ve created that is a gender fluid robot from the future, stuck in a virtual reality world that has been malfunctioning," he said in an interview with U.K. publication Boys by Girls last March. "That is why the album’s called A Glitch in Paradise because it’s living in this loop of heartbreak. ANTIBOY represents the idea that all the things that we are taught to believe in are an illusion. The ideas of gender, sexuality, and race are social constructs.... I think ANTIBOY represents this place of true equality. The surface doesn’t really matter anymore, it’s really who we are. That’s what matters -- the amalgamation of our memories and experiences. We are one human consciousness."

His visions for an equality-first environment included a complete ANTIBOY brand with an album and accompanying TV show as well as a physical space for LGBTQ+ artists to safely create and collaborate with one another, as reported by Boys by Girls.

Although his mother mentioned he struggled with mental illness and addiction, Hains only spoke of his longtime sleeping disorder, Idiopathic Insomnia, which tormented him from a young age. "I couldn't sleep for my entire childhood until I started taking sleeping pills at twelve/thirteen," he told journalist Sophia Razvi in their conversation. "So I was tortured by sleep deprivation and I had a lot of phobias. It affected me in a very severe way as a child."

Furthermore, the U.K. outlet questioned Hains about how he tapped into the sinister roles he took on in his various acting projects. "Everything to me is very real; I play myself all the time and I see how I can imbue what is the character within me," he said in the interview. "Maybe I do connect with the darkness of humanity and maybe that’s why I have been cast in these dark and harrowing projects -- it’s what I naturally connect to."

Badler, who most famously appeared on the NBC miniseries and last released a studio album in 2014 titled Opus, ended her social media post with the details of his funeral. Hains will be laid to rest Sunday at 3 p.m. at Hollywood Forever Cemetary at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Attendees must RSVP at

Read Badler's entire Instagram tribute to Hains below.