Andrew 'Greedy' Smith, Mental as Anything Frontman, Dies at 63

Greedy Smith, Mental As Anything
Rocket Weijers/Getty Images

Greedy Smith attends opening night of Muriel's Wedding The Musical at Lyric Theatre, Star City on July 4, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. 

Andrew “Greedy” Smith, Mental as Anything’s cherubic frontman, songwriter and keyboardist who penned and took vocal duties on the band’s biggest hit “Live It Up,” died Monday (Dec. 2) after suffering a heart attack in his car. He was 63.   

Born in Sydney, Smith was a constant with the Mentals since their core members met at art school in the mid-70s, and decided to form a band. Smith was in the lineup when the Mentals, as they're affectionately known in these parts, performed their first gig on Aug. 17, 1977.   

A jovial presence behind the keys, Greedy shared singing duties with Martin Plaza (real name Martin Murphy) on the new wave outfit’s long run of hits, which saw them emerge as one of Australia’s most beloved bands of the 1980s, or any era.    

If you asked any Aussie with a passing knowledge of music in the ‘80s to identify Greedy Smith, they could always spot the blonde, cheery chap from the Mentals.

According to legend, Smith earned his “Greedy” nickname for his ferocious appetite for fried chicken. On one night early in his career, Smith was said to have eaten 15 pieces, a feat so impressive it earned him a nickname for life. 

The Mentals got a break with their August 1979 single release “The Nips Are Getting Bigger,” a nod to their affection for booze. A full-length LP followed soon after, Get Wet, through Regular Records with distribution by Festival Records. 

The party was just getting started. A swag of tunes followed, “(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet," "Too Many Times," “Let’s Cook,” "Working for the Man." And in 1982, while on tour Down Under, Elvis Costello produced the Mentals' “I Didn’t Mean To Be Mean.”

In 1985 -- with the classic lineup of Greedy Smith, Martin Plaza, Reg Mombassa, Peter O’Doherty and Wayne Delisle -- the band entered the big league with their happy-go-lucky track “Live It Up,” which took flight when it appeared on the Crocodile Dundee soundtrack. 

With Greedy on the mic and the star of its music video, “Live It Up” went global, peaking at No. 3 in the U.K. and hitting the chart summit in Australia. Smith wrote “Live It Up” and “You're So Strong,” both of which appeared on the Richard Gottehrer-produced album Fundamental from 1985. 

In 2009, Mental As Anything was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame alongside John Paul Young, Kev Carmody, Little Pattie, and the Dingoes. Greedy was on a national tour with the band when he passed away.

He is survived by his son Harvey, fiancée Fiona Docker and brother Stuart.