Is George Carlin in 'Bill and Ted Face the Music'? Hear What Kevin Smith Said

Bill & Ted Face the Music.
Courtesy Photo

A scene from the trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Dudes, this is going to be most totally excellent if true! Kevin Smith may have let a surprise posthumous cameo slip on Saturday (July 25) while moderating the Bill and Ted Face the Music panel during the virtual 2020 Comic-Con.

While sharing his reaction to the third film of the franchise, Smith opened up about "how emotional this movie made" him, and what sounds like an appearance by the late George Carlin. "Last half hour of the movie, I am bawling. These are not tears of 'They ruined it!' These are tears of, like, 'This movie's transcendent! Like, 'They cracked the code!'" he gushed at first. "This movie is adorable. It is to be adored. Makes one feel warm in these hopeless times. It's a hopeful movie. It's fun."

"Seeing George pop up for a moment was, like, everything," he added before acknowledging, "I don't know if I'm allowed to say that -- they might cut that out. 'Hearing reference to old friends,' let's say!"

There were no further mentions of the late comedian, who died from heart failure at age 71 in 2008. However, during the panel, a photo of the stand-up comic with Bill and Ted stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as shown. In the first two films, Carlin played Rufus, a citizen from the future who was responsible for guiding Bill and Ted.

Screenwriters Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson previously told Fandango that there would be some tributes to the late star and nods to Rufus in the upcoming film. One is that Kristen Schaal's character, Kelly, is named after Carlin's daughter Kelly Carlin. There's also a message from Rufus that will come via an item from the first movie, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

The movie was originally slated for release on Aug. 21, but has been postponed until Sept. 1. It will be available in theaters and video on demand. Until then, be excellent to each other ... and party on! (And watch the panel discussion below.)