Jennifer Lopez's 5 Most Unforgettable Moments in 'Hustlers'

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers
Barbara Nitke/Courtesy of STX Entertainment

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers.

Calling Jennifer Lopez’s turn in the drama Hustlers a revelation would be unfair, as the actress/singer has been putting out stellar work for decades. However, her portrayal of Ramona, a stripper/crime ringleader is nothing short of an Oscar-worthy game-changer. 

Equal parts sexy, funny, and at times heartbreaking, Lopez’s nuanced performance is the one that will have everyone talking by the time the credits roll. 

If you haven’t seen Hustlers yet, stop reading here, because there’s nothing but spoilers ahead. However, if you rushed out to see film and want to relive all of Lopez’s badass moments (there are plenty), you’ve come to the right place. 

These are five of the superstar’s most unforgettable scenes from Hustlers: 

When She Dances to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” 

Sorry, Channing Tatum in “Magic Mike” and Salma Hayek in “From Dusk Til Dawn,” but you may just be usurped in having the best stripper scene of all-time. We’re introduced to Lopez’s stunning Ramona when the “On the Floor” singer takes to the pole to the seductive sounds of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” (Who doesn’t love a good, sexy foreshadowing?) 

Lopez’s moves are, quite simply, not of this world and once you’re able to pick your jaw up from the floor, you’ll be able to chuckle at her perfectly executed line when she steps off stage: “Doesn’t money make you horny?” 

When She (Literally) Takes a Fellow Dancer Under Her Wing 

Much of Hustlers is about the dynamic of the relationship between Ramona and her protege/bestie Destiny (Constance Wu). After watching her perform the aforementioned “Criminal”-ly good dance, Destiny meets Ramona for the first time on the roof of the club. Decked out in a fur coat and stripper heels, Ramona looks undeniably cool and sexy as she takes her smoke break. 

She notices that the underdressed Destiny doesn’t have a coat on a cold winter night and opens up her coat to tell her, “Climb in my fur.” It’s a delightfully playful line, and the start of a beautiful, albeit ultimately complicated friendship. 

When She Effortlessly Wears Infamous '00s Fashion 

Lopez’s outfits in Hustlers deserve their own article...or a spot in the Louvre. She rocks everything from a sexy Santa getup (which she wears on Christmas morning) to a cleavage-friendly dressed accessorized with safety pins. But, best of all, Ramona (who, in addition to her dancing and scamming scummy Wall Street bros out of thousands is designing a denim bathing suit line) wears Juicy velour tracksuits. 

Yes, the very ones that Lopez herself made famous in the early 2000s get to relive their glory on the big screen. (The film takes place in the mid-aughts.) And while over 15 years has passed since Lopez made the comfortwear ensembles a fashion staple, she looks as good as ever in them as Ramona. 

When She Walks in Slow Motion Like a Badass 

Hustlers may have just as many slo-mo walking sequences as it does strip scenes, and Lopez leads the way with both. You can’t help but smile as she struts into the club with her girls by her side and some poor schmo trailing behind. 

She walks like a badass boss in montages, when she’s working her way through the club, and hell even when she’s walking down the street to the sounds of Lorde’s “Royals.” Yes, she makes dancing look incredible, but somehow she looks just as sexy, commanding, and cool by simply walking. 

When She Delivers Some Killer Lines 

There are a bevy of great one-liners and monologues in Hustlers, and a good portion of them belong to Lopez. Effortlessly and expertly delivered, she gets in a flirty jab at Usher when he visits their club (“So, what’s your name?”) and gets to echo the sentiment of everyone who was hurt by bankers during the 2008 financial crisis (“F**k these guys!”). 

But, one of Lopez’s most powerful moments comes at the end of the film when she’s chatting with a journalist (Julia Stiles) covering their story. Lopez’s Ramona puts the whole experience in perspective in a way that still rings scarily true today. She says that America is just one big strip club and that “You have people tossing the money and people doing the dance.” It’s one hell of a closer, and Lopez knocks it out of the park. 


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