'A Star Is Born': Twitter Reacts to Lady Gaga's Performance By Demanding Oscars

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Neal Preston/Warner Bros. Pictures

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga's first major motion picture, A Star Is Born, delivers a searing performance from the triple-threat -- and audiences are already campaigning for her to win big as award season approaches.

After A Star Is Born opened nationwide on Friday (Oct. 5), many hit screenings of the film and tweeted about it to basically demand that the Academy just hand over the little gold statuette to Gaga already as soon as they walked out of the theater.

Even Ellen DeGeneres is hopping on the Oscar For Gaga bandwagon, as she straight-up declared that the pop star would take home film's most coveted honor for her performance. (Gaga was gracious and humble and stressed that it wasn't about the recognition, but that the reward for her was making something that "moves" audiences. Ellen called bulls--t, but the compliment stands.) 

Aside from Ellen's, here are some of the most passionate endorsements for Gaga's performance (and red carpet glam, which was so well received it deserves award recognition of its own) to hit over A Star Is Born's opening weekend.

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