Lady Gaga Explains Why She Re-Dyed Her Hair Blonde the Second 'A Star Is Born' Filming Ended

Lady Gaga stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (Sept. 27) for an interview. The superstar revealed that breaking out of her role as "Ally" in A Star Is Born was difficult, and talked about co-star Bradley Cooper's success in creating a sanctuary on set.

"I literally dyed my hair blonde the night that we stopped shooting, because I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible," the 32-year-old singer admitted to host Ellen DeGeneres. "Without giving away the end of the film, there is some tremendous emotion and tragedy, and so I wanted to get her [Ally] out, but to be honest, she's still in here."

Gaga went on to explain how easy it became to trust Cooper throughout the filming process. "He just provided for such a sanctuary on set and he says it to me in the film and he said it to me in real life, 'All you have to do is trust me,' and I really felt like I could trust him every day on set, " Gaga said. "It was a totally different experience than I've ever had."

Watch the clip from Gaga's interview on Ellen below.