The Best Music Moments From Rihanna's 'Ocean's 8' Co-Stars

Ocean's 8
Barry Wetcher/© 2018 Warner Bros Entertainment

Barry Wetcher Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Kate Blanchett and Awkwafina in Ocean's 8.

It makes sense that Ocean’s 8 assembled its all-female cast with A-list triple threats. After all, who better to attempt to pull off a high-stakes heist in the action comedy caper (in theaters June 8) than a group of women who can do anything and everything. 

While Billboard chart-topper, Grammy-winner and all-around badass Rihanna is arguably the cast’s biggest Renaissance woman, she’s in good company. Even though her colleagues are best known for their acting roles, they’ve caught the musical bug in their careers, too. 

They might have a bit of work to do to catch up with Rihanna in the music realm, but here’s the best individual music moments from her Ocean’s 8 co-stars. 


The Ocean’s 8 star perhaps most likely to follow in Rihanna’s footsteps is rapper-turned-actress Awkwafina. The wildly creative artist caught the Internet’s attention back in 2013 thanks to her hilarious song (and the accompanying video for) "My Vag." The superstar-in-the-making has made waves with other gems like "Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas)" and her collaboration with Margaret Cho, "Green Tea." It seems wrong to call her a breakout star, since she’s been making rhymes for the past few years, but don’t be surprised if this turns out to be the summer of Awkwafina. 

Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway’s pipes are so impressive they earned her her first Oscar for her work in 2012’s Les Misérables. Her down-on-her-luck character Fantine’s anthem "I Dreamed a Dream" is a showstopper, and Hathaway delivered the goods. The actress is no stranger to singing on screen (she’s loaned her vocals to kid-friendly soundtracks like Rio and Hoodwinked!) but she’ll always be known for this classic, tear-jerking moment. 

Helena Bonham Carter 

The upside of HBC working with her husband Tim Burton for the umpteenth time in the 2007 film adaptation of Sweeney Todd is that she got to show the world she can sing, too. Everyone’s favorite goth mastered the art of Sondheim’s rhymes and rhythms on tracks like "The Worst Pies in London" and "Poor Thing," but her moment to shine comes with Mrs. Lovett’s final plea, "By the Sea." Her work made such an impression, she was cast alongside Anne Hathaway in Les Mis as Madame Thénardier. 

Cate Blanchett 

The award-winning actress earned an Oscar nod in 2008 for playing an iteration of the legendary Bob Dylan in I’m Not There, so it’s no surprise whatsoever that the chameleon knows how to inhabit the role of a musician. Blanchett took performing in drag in a wildly different direction in 2017 when she lip-synced Dusty Springfield’s "You Don’t Own Me" during a benefit event at NYC’s Stonewall Inn. Okay, we’re ready for that movie now, thanks. 

Mindy Kaling 

Kaling’s kooky character on The Office loved to perform, whether she was serenading Ryan at Christmas with a karaoke version of Pat Benatar’s "We Belong" or using Gwen Stefani’s "Hollaback Girl" to describe a crazy day in HR. But she and fellow Dunder Mifflin songbird Erin (Ellie Kemper) teamed up to create girl group Subtle Sexuality and their unforgettable single and music video, "Male Prima Donna." 

Sarah Paulson 

Covering Fiona Apple is no easy task, but Sarah Paulson pulled double-headed duty and totally nailed it during her turn as Dot and Bette Tattler in American Horror Story: Freak Show. The star belted out the iconic single and made for a scene crazier than anything you could even hope to see at any summer music festival. 

Sandra Bullock 

Sure, Sandra Bullock may not have the same music cred as some of her other Ocean’s 8 family members, but did any of them do a tribal dance while singing Lil Jon’s "Get Low" to Betty White in the 2009 rom-com The Proposal? Didn’t think so. 


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