Watch the Cast of 'Pitch Perfect 3' Recap the First Two Movies

Courtesy of Vanity Fair
Anna Kendrick and the cast of Pitch Perfect 3 recap the first two Pitch Perfect movies for Vanity Fair.

If you're looking for a refresher (or cheat sheet) on the first two Pitch Perfect movies before heading out to see the third in theaters, you're in luck. Pitch Perfect 3 cast members Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and costars Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Chrissie Fit, Hana Mae Lee, and Ester Dean took fans on a quick recap of 1 and 2 for Vanity Fair late last week.

Rebel Wilson, also known as Fat Amy in the a capella film series, is once again taking charge with her recapping stick. Sorry no songs included.  The video breaks down everything from character Aubrey’s projectile vomiting to Becca’s run-in with the cops.

Pitch Perfect 3: The Farewell Tour finds the Bellas, graduated from College and reunited on a USO competition tour in Europe. The film, also featuring Trinidad James and DJ Khaled, was released on Friday (Dec. 22).

Check out the recap below.