2019's Potential Star Collabs, From Sheryl Crow and St. Vincent to Shawn Mendes and BTS

Drake & Migos
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Drake & Migos

Some long-awaited -- and some never anticipated -- partnerships are set to potentially make new music in 2019. But who has actually put in studio time, and who is just teasing us?


Jenny Lewis & Beck

Who: Jenny Lewis and Beck

What: Beck (along with Ringo Starr and Ryan Adams) joins Lewis’ backing band for her spring LP, On the Line.

Will You Hear It? Hell yeah! Billboard has, and it’s great.

Sheryl Crow & St. Vincent

Who: Sheryl Crow and St. Vincent

What: Crow is releasing a collaborative album chock-full of star guests like St. Vincent’s Annie Clark.

Will You Hear It? Yup! In addition to St. Vincent, Crow will rock with “a bunch of people I’ve known forever who I’m friends with” -- like Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Mavis Staples, Keith Richards and Willie Nelson.


Mitski & Allie X

Who: Mitski and Allie X

What: “Can confirm, we’ve been rocking together,” Allie X told Billboard in August about Mitski writing on the indie pop star’s upcoming album.

Will You Hear It? Strong likelihood. Mitski too has said they’ve been writing together.


Drake & Migos

Who: Drake and Migos

What: When a fan asked whether Migos and Drake would drop a mixtape after the November 2018 conclusion of their tour, Quavo responded, “You must be a psychic.”

Will You Hear It? Last May, Quality Control Music CEO Kevin “Coach K” Lee told Billboard “if that happens, it happens.” And would Quavo lie?

Shawn Mendes & BTS

Who: Shawn Mendes and BTS

What: At the 2017 American Music Awards, Mendes and the BTS boys discussed collaborating on-camera for the Korean group’s YouTube channel. In a June radio interview, Mendes promised that “it’ll happen.”

Will You Hear It? Sure, if Mendes manages to pin down the biggest boy band in the world -- “a hard group to get with,” he admits.


Chance the Rapper & Kanye West

Who: Chance the Rapper and Kanye West

What: “Me and Chance working on a new album,” announced West at a September concert in Chicago. “It’s called Good Ass Job.”

Will You Hear It? You know... anything’s possible.

This article originally appeared in the Jan. 12 issue of Billboard.