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Megan Mullally Explains Gucci Mane Cover: 'He's A Man Who Speaks His Truth'

Megan Mallully
Patrick Crowley

Megan Mallully

When Will and Grace Emmy winner Megan Mullally met Stephanie Hunt on a film set in 2011, the actresses hit it off and formed a musical partnership as the absurdly named blues duo Nancy & Beth. Their self-titled debut (out April 7) boasts retro-leaning covers of artists like Wynona Carr, Rufus Wainwright and Gucci Mane. Before heading on tour, Mullally explained how she became a musician (and dancer!) at the age of 48.

Alex Gorosh
Hunt (left) and Mullally

Make Some Sweet Moves

Each song in the duo’s show features original choreography by Mullally, who makes sure the pair brings its A-game. "It’s actually the choreography that requires the most rehearsal time for us," Mullally admits. "I have one room in the house where I put mirrors on the wall so we could have a little rehearsal area. We’ve spent days on end in there." She says every song includes complete choreography, and that the two have perfected their live delivery. “We wear matching outfits and are completely in sync,” she says. “Like synchronized swimmers.”

Flex Your Rap Skills

Mullally stumbled upon Gucci Mane’s “I Don’t Love Her” -- the album’s standout cover -- by accident. “I played it for Stephanie, we printed the lyrics and started rapping along,” she recalls. What appealed most to Mullally about Gucci is his honesty. "I didn’t know too much about the legend and lore of Gucci Mane, but there was this thing I saw on Twitter where when he’s asked if he’s guilty he says, “Bitch I might be.” I mean, that’s good stuff right there," Mullaly says. "He’s a man who speaks his truth.

Bring A Star On Tour

Nick Offerman, the Parks & Recreation star and Mullally’s husband, is “sort of our roadie,” she says. “He usually makes an appearance during the show, at a point when you least expect it.”

Find A Music Soulmate

Choosing the right duets partner is crucial. Mullally knew Hunt was hers when they began selecting songs to cover. “We lock eyes and either scream or laugh,” she says. “Then we put it on the ‘freak-out list’ and try it out.” Mullally confesses that, "We don’t fully understand why we’re such good friends," but says of Hunt, "She’s the only person I can just hang with. We order pizza and watch television together like you used to with your friends in high school." 

This article originally appeared in the April 15 issue of Billboard.