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Migos' Viral History: From Memes to Dances to Petitions

Migos photographed Feb. 13 at Sunset Ranch Hollywood in Los Angeles.
Olivia Bee

Migos photographed Feb. 13 at Sunset Ranch Hollywood in Los Angeles. 

From dabbing to being hailed as the new Beatles, Migos -- the subject of Billboard's new in-depth cover feature -- launch hits, viral videos, trends and petitions. Here's more about the world's love affair with the Atlanta trio. 

The 'Migos Flow'

Drake aped the trio’s triplet technique on the remix to their 2013 mixtape hit “Versace,” and J. Cole, Kanye West, Jeezy and others followed suit.

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Migos > The Beatles

Facts like The Beatles “never went platinum on Datpiff” and “never collaborated with Drake” fueled these 2014 jokes about Migos’ supremacy.

Capitol Records/Photofest

The Dab Craze

Cam Newton, Hillary Clinton and millions more dabbed after Migos and fellow Atlanta rapper Skippa Da Flippa started the 2015 craze.

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"Bad and Boujee"

Donald Glover called it “the best song ever” at the Golden Globes after silly variations on the song’s “Rain drop, drop top” rhyme set fire to social media.

Super Bowl Petition

In January, a fan-circulated petition demanding that Migos replace Lady Gaga at halftime collected 69,000 signatures.

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Lady Gaga

This article originally appeared in the March 18 issue of Billboard.