Laura Marling Shares Her Podcast Hosting Pro Tips

Hollie Fernando
Laura Marling

The confessional folk tunes of Laura Marling often tackle life’s heaviest questions. It’s fitting, then, that the 27-year-old U.K. artist launched her own interview podcast in 2016. With guests ranging from Haim to Dolly Parton, Reversal of the Muse finds Marling hosting a free-flowing conversation about women’s role in music. Ahead of the release of her new LP Semper Femina (out Mar. 10), the former podcasting novice offers some best practices.

Record Wherever

Podcasts require a simple rig, which means staying flexible with locations. “We recorded in some not-very-ideal places,” she says. “It’s all about working on other people’s schedules.”

Stay Neutral

There’s nothing worse, says Marling, than a podcast host who tells guests what to think. “I was quite conscious of not pushing my agenda. I was just trying to facilitate the conversations.”

Hire An Editor

An audio expert can help structure and chop an episode to a clean 20 minutes. Marling says you have to cut the fat: “The conversations were great, but they were rambling and a bit awkward.”

Tune In

Knowing what podcasts you enjoy helps shape your own: “I probably listen to more podcasts than music.” Marling’s favorite? This American Life. “I pinched a lot of their style.”

This article originally appeared in the March 11 issue of Billboard.