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Wiz Khalifa on the Reefer Revolution: 'Eventually, You're Going to Be Able to Buy Marijuana Products at Whole Foods'

Wiz Khalifa
Hannah Sider

Wiz Khalifa

The chart-topping rapper pens a foreword to 'The Reefer Revolution' package in the latest issue of Billboard.

When I was growing up, I was into any artist who mentioned weed a lot in their music: Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dipset, Cypress Hill, Three 6 Mafia — the people who were really forward about it.

Back then, smoking weed was a thugged-out thing to do. It was underground and raw. But now, it’s not just a small community of hippies and growers who want legalization — it’s people across the board. More people are educated about it. It’s more of a culture.

Music has always played a huge part in that. As artists, we can use our platforms to make people feel more comfortable with things they may not know about. It’s a positive thing to be able to do.

The marijuana industry could be as big as the alcohol and tobacco industries. It could bring a lot of money to the government that could be used for schools, roads, public buildings. People wouldn’t feel like they have to do it on the low, fearing someone’s going to throw them in jail.

Eventually, you’re going to be able to buy marijuana products at Whole Foods. As soon as people turn their minds around, that’s how quickly it could happen. Everyone should be able to get stoned.

This originally appeared in the Jan. 28 issue of Billboard. For our conversation with Prop 64 political hero Gavin Newsom, head here. To take a tour of a marijuana dispensary with 2 Chainz, head here. For a daily breakdown in the life of a wake-n-bake music executive, check this out. Dive into the rest of Billboard's Reefer Revolution package below.

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