Tom Morello's Rage Against Injustice: 'Hunger And Poverty Are Not Acts of God'

Spencer Lowell
Tom Morello and Joann Lo photographed on Oct. 18 in Los Angeles.

Billboard’s Philanthropy Issue: Inside How the Music Industry Gives Back

"Hunger and poverty are not acts of God,” says Tom Morello. “They’re a crime in a world where there is so much wealth.” Last summer, while on tour with his supergroup Prophets of Rage, the one-time Rage Against the Machine guitarist worked with WhyHunger to donate funds from the band’s shows to local charities, like People Assisting the Homeless and the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

“We see the system in place is creating poverty and hunger and sick people and homelessness,” says Joann Lo, co-director of FCWA, which helps workers along the food chain.

“My ultimate goal is to not just change policies but to change society,” says Morello, 52, who continues to see music as a primary tool in changing lives. “It feels like the truth in a way that few other things do. People gathering together to raise their voices as one, in joy or in frustration, is something that makes music a unique artistic conduit.”

To aid the movement for food justice, go to

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 5 issue of Billboard.