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Meet the Former Destiny's Child Backup Dancer Behind the LED Mask Craze

 Jin Woo Prensena


Los Angeles aesthetician Shani Darden, a former backup dancer for LL Cool J and Destiny's Child, works from a studio in the back of her home and swears by the light therapy that's supposed to boost collagen and treat acne. She's mum about her client list, but Kelly Rowland has posted about her obsession and Katy Perry is a rumored fan. Here's what Darden says about the LED facial craze.

Why is LED appealing to musicians?

The mask makes for a really good Instagram. But besides that, it's effective and there's less downtime than almost anything else. With lasers, you can't walk out the door and perform that night. With peels your face can look ragged for a while. But with an LED treatment, it takes about an hour, and you see immediate results without any irritation.


Ready for the weekend.

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Do artists have unique skin issues?

Most artists use a lot of makeup all the time when they're onstage or touring. There can be more congestion, more breakouts and a need for more treatments. I'll do gentle glycolic peels, extractions and an oxygen treatment under the LED light for about 20 minutes.

Are you ever in awe of stars?

I'm always more honored when I work with my clients. I don't get really crazy like that. Unless it was Oprah. Or Beyoncé. Then I would freak out.

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 3 issue of Billboard.