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Meghan Trainor and Chloe Grace Moretz Dish on Their 'Anti-Squad Squad'

Trainor (left) and Moretz.
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Trainor (left) and Moretz.

Photos of Trainor and her new pal Chloe Grace Moretz get tagged #SquadGoals so often that the duo have started calling themselves "the Anti-Squad Squad."

"We don't agree with what the word 'squad' means," says Chloe Grace Moretz, who first met Meghan Trainor in 2015, at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball in L.A. "She and I, when we were growing up, we both dealt with being left out of a lot of situations and not being invited into people's friend groups. We just think that squad-specific exclusivity doesn't go along with what we believe in." ("None of us are anti-Taylor Swift!" adds Moretz, acknowledging the queen squad leader.)

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Says Trainor, who constantly wears a Disneyland sweatshirt she got with Moretz when the two visited the theme park together: "Other celebrity friends, they're not your best friends because you don't get to see them, and when you do, you're like, 'Oh, hi. Are you exhausted, too?' Chloe's just really real."

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This story originally appeared in the July 23 issue of Billboard.

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