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Ariana Grande Shows Off the Homeless Dogs She's on a Mission to Help Rescue

Ariana Grande photographed with puppies in New York City on Sept. 28, 2015.
Eric Ogden

Ariana Grande photographed with puppies in New York City on Sept. 28, 2015.

I got involved with dog rescues by simply loving animals. Dogs are the most harmless, sweetest babes in the world. They show nothing but unconditional love, so they deserve that in return. According to the ASPCA, 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are euthanized every year, and 80 percent of them are healthy! The thought of a sweet, loving angel going without a home or being killed simply because there’s no one who will come and claim him is heartbreaking. I want to help spread the word as much as I can, and I’ve been able to work with amazing organizations, including BarkBox, which partners with shelters, and The Humane Society. My mission is to help as many homeless dogs as I can find loving families who will cherish them. Through BarkBox, on my Honeymoon Tour we had puppy trucks filled with pups in need of homes come to the venues in different cities. I paid for the adoption fees and sponsored their adoptions, so my fans and their families were able to rescue when they came to my show. All the pups I sponsored got homes! But if you’re not in a position to rescue, follow your local shelters on Facebook and Instagram and share the posts of the pups that are having trouble finding homes. I love my dogs and I love my fans as if they were family, so introducing the two and knowing that I helped some of my fans to have a new, unconditionally loving friend in their life makes me very happy. Making music, performing and acting are fun, but without using my voice, I’ll feel like I’m doing this for no reason. -- As told to Ray Rogers

Click here to see Ariana Grande cuddle with cute rescue pups.

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Go to to learn more about BarkGood, which supports rescue organizations across the United States, and visit to find a local shelter.

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This article originally appeared in the Oct. 24 issue of Billboard.