Is OMI's 'Hula Hoop' the Next 'Cheerleader'? Plus More of the Week's Best and Worst Singles


“Hula Hoop”

Following up a surprise No. 1 smash like the Felix Jaehn remix of “Cheerleader” is a tall order, but OMI strides back with “Hula Hoop,” another romantic reggae/pop/tropical house puff pastry featuring joyful sax jolts and harmlessly inane lyrics. For better or worse, the “Cheerleader” formula works, and here it remains undiluted. -- Jason Lipshutz

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Miley Cyrus
“Dooo It!”

Miley Cyrus’ transition from Disney to deviant hits hippie territory on Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, her surprise album with The Flaming Lips. Single “Dooo It!” is all bombast and defiance over a hypnotically dry backbeat. But Cyrus’ message of nihilistic rebellion (“Yeah, I smoke pot, yeah, I love peace, but I don’t give a f—”) seems transparent and forced, now more than ever. -- Steven J. Horowitz 

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Tink and Tazer
“Wet Dollars”
Black Butter Records

One of the few female rappers Azealia Banks hasn’t beefed with is also one of the most promising: Tink. But a Twitter tiff seems imminent after this collabo with British dance producer Tazer, which would be more enjoyable if it weren’t so unmistakably similar to Banks’ 2011 breakout “212,” from its percussive retro-house beat to its singsongy sass. -- Alex Gale

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This story originally appeared in the Sept. 19 issue of Billboard.