Here Are the Lyrics to BTS' 'Dynamite'

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BTS blew up the Billboard Hot 100 like "Dynamite," with their first No. 1 hit sung completely in their second language of English.

RM exclaimed to Billboard in a video interview, "This is my tombstone! We'll take it to this grave!" And one of the "Dynamite" songwriters, Jessica Agombar, said working on the K-pop boy band's highly anticipated banger couldn't be possible without their irrepressible energy and enthusiasm.

"Me and David [Stewart] thought to ourselves, 'What would they need to say right now to uplift the world? It needs to be energetic, fun, hopeful, positive and just like a huge ball of energy,'" she told Billboard earlier this month. "Me and David were so hellbent on getting the single -- because we felt so, so passionately that this was going to be great for them -- [that] everyone worked 100 miles an hour."

BTS' 'Dynamite' Dominates Both of Billboard's New Global Charts, Taylor Swift's New Chart Record on Billboard 200 | Billboard News

Check out the explosive lyrics and music video below.