A Timeline of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Relationship

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom attend the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Feb. 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom attend the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Feb. 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14), but the road wasn't easy.

Here’s a history of Perry and Bloom’s on-again, off-again relationship.

January 2016: Bloom and Perry Hang Near Each Other At an After Party, Go on to Catch a Play Together

On January 10, 2016, Perry and Bloom notably caught up and gave off flirtatious vibes at the Weinstein Company/Netflix Golden Globes after party at Sunset Tower -- and it even culminated in a dance party. According to an US Magazine source, “Katy and Orlando Bloom had a total dance-off — it was the best part of the party. Katy literally dropped to the floor and was waving her booty around, beckoning Orlando.” Rumors flew from there -- was Perrybloom a thing?

Perrybloom went on to be spotted multiple times that month, even catching the play The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey together in LA. While the two kept a sliver of physical distance, they seemed to having a ball in each other’s company.


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February 2016: The Two Catch an Adele Concert, Head Out to Hawaii

On February 12, as reported by The Daily Mail, the giddy pair were spotted at an Adele concert, clearly making romantic overtures while enjoying tunes like “Rolling in the Deep.” It was further cemented that the two were not “just friends” when they fled to Hawaii on holiday.

April 2016: Perrybloom Heads to Coachella

The pair enjoyed their Coachella getaway, of which fellow festival-goers reported tons of PDA. "They came in about 20 minutes into The Kills' set," a source told E! News. "They were hugging and with a group of other people. Orlando was behind her and swaying with her to the music. They also were vaping together. They were kissing and very much a couple." Still, their official couplehood hadn’t quite been confirmed.

April 2016: After Some Will-They/Won’t-They, Perry and Bloom Announce They’re a Thing

The two attended The Met Gala in New York, but much to the let-down of the rumor mill, Perry and Bloom walked the red carpet separately -- but they both wore matching Tamagotchis as per the exhibit’s “Fashion in an Age of Technology” theme. It wasn’t until May 20 that Perry finally broke the ice that the two were going steady, posting a photo of the couple sprawled on a mansion staircase with the caption, “We cannes’t.”


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August 2016: Bloom Bares All in an Infamous Paddleboard Ride, The Tabloids Lose It

Suddenly, Perrybloom didn’t seem so subtle or coy. A photo leaked of Bloom and Perry on an Italian vacation, with Perry relaxing on a paddleboard with a beer while Bloom went nude. The spectacle made the NY Daily News front page with the caption “Blooming oarsome Orlando.”

October 2016: Perrybloom Steps Out in Costume as Trump and Hillary

The bleeding-heart couple who backed the Clinton campaign showed up for Kate Hudson’s Halloween party with some ambition -- Perry as a freakily-realistic Hillary Clinton and Bloom as a cross between Donald Trump and a troll doll. Apparently, Perry took hours and hours of prosthetic work for the intended effect, resulting in a creepy uncanny-valley vibe. Bloom, in turn, slapped on some giant hair and a MAGA cap.

November 2016: Love Will Tear Us Apart Again?

Rumors of the couple’s dissolution started to abound that November. According to an InTouch Weekly source, it was Bloom who ended it, citing his unreadiness to “get married and have babies.” But another source for the same publication suggested otherwise: She said they were on different life paths and as much as she likes him, it's time to move on.” However, these rumors were dispelled by Bloom and Perry showing up as a unit for Thanksgiving.

January 2017: The Pair Throw Each Other International Bashes

Perry and Bloom spent this month throwing each other outsized displays of affection -- first on a New Year’s trip to Tokyo’s Sanrio theme park, and then a lavish 40th birthday party Perry threw for Bloom in Palm Springs -- culminating in onesies emblazoned with Bloom’s visage for all the guests!

February 2017: Cracks Begin to Show

The two were pictured at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, but a sliver of frostiness seemed to develop between the pair, with some in attendance noting they didn’t seem as close as usual -- the two had taken some recent time apart, and it didn’t seem the same. 

March 2017: I Know It’s Over

All the foreshadowing turned out to be true -- Perrybloom officially split in March of 2017. Said a joint statement from their reps: "Before rumours or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.”

August 2017: The Pair Cuddles Up at an Ed Sheeran Gig

After half a year apart, Perry and Bloom were spotted getting cozy at Staples Center for an Ed Sheeran gig. Cosmopolitan took this as proof the former couple were an item again.

January 2018: Back to Japan (and the Maldives!)

Turns out the pair’s Japanese getaway in 2017 wasn’t just a one-off: it was a tradition. Things seemed to be looking up for Perrybloom when they headed back to Sanrio and went on the Hello Kitty ride once again. A week later, the couple were spotted in the Maldives, looking contented.

February 2018: Katy and Orlando Work it Out

After being spotted on various holidays, a source told The Sun that the couple was “back on,” explaining things thusly: “Katy wants to make things work this time around. She tried, but she couldn’t cut him off. She cares too much about him. This time, they’re keeping things low key – but they’re back together.”

April 2018: Enter the Pope

Perry confirmed the rumor in an interview with ET, saying that yes, she and Orlando Bloom are all well and good, thank you very much. The couple ended up heading to Vatican City, where they met up with Pope Francis. They were all smiles while being graced by the Catholic leader’s presence: “Honored to be in the presence of His Holiness’ compassionate heart and inclusivity,” Perry wrote on Instagram. Perrybloom have had as unpredictable a ride as any, but for now, all seems to be well.

May 2018: “I’m Not Single But I Still Like You”

An ecstatic Perry kissed former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin’s hand during the American Idol finale, and with a simple comment further confirmed her relationship status as she kneeled before Kufrin and said, “I’m not single but I like you!” Sounds like they could be catchy song lyrics to us.

July 2018: London Town Date Night

Perrybloom were seen out and about in London following Bloom’s play, Killer Joe, in the West End. Perry was wearing a hot pink lingerie-esque top with gold hoop earrings, while Bloom opted for a casual baseball hat and button-down look.

September 2018: Perrybloom Make Their Red Carpet Debut

Perry and Bloom walked the red carpet together for the first time for the Gala for the Global Ocean at the Opera of Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Bloom wore a black and white suit sans a tie, and the “Roar” singer stunned in a blush-pink dress with sparkling sleeves.

December 2018: Perry Outbids Fan for Date with Bloom

Bidding $50,000 to go on a date with Bloom for the umpteenth time, Perry reportedly outbid fans at the One Love Malibu benefit show on Dec. 2. “Laura, I’m sorry. I’m buying it for $50,000,” said Perry before dropping her mic and walking off stage.

December 2018: Perrybloom Shares Rainbowed-Tropical Vacation Photo

The couple embarked on a picture-perfect tropical vacation, based off of Perry's photo of the couple throwing up peace signs as they stood next to a waterfall with a rainbow beside them in a Dec. 22 Instagram.


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January 2018: Birthday Boy Bloom

Perry shared yet another photo of Bloom wearing a shirt with the words “woman power,” this time wishing the Englishman a happy birthday. “[..] happiest 42nd birthday to the kindest and cutest man I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with [...],” she captioned the photo.

February 2018: A Valentine's Day Engagement!

Perry and Bloom both shared a close-up photo of themselves with heart-shaped balloons over the love-birds -- but the real eye-catcher was the large, flower-shaped ring on Perry's ring finger. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! later in February, the pop star confirmed they are indeed engaged. Congrats to the happy couple!


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