Scott Walker the Musician vs. Scott Walker the Politician: A Comparison

Scott Walker VS. Scott Walker
Getty Images; REX USA

Within the last few years, fans of avant-indie music have come to terms with the fact that the name Scott Walker is no longer most closely associated with the American-born British singer-songwriter behind some of the more challenging, celebrated albums of the last 20 years. Instead, the Republican Wisconsin governor who disdains unions and eliminated the state's 48-hour waiting period on gun purchases has become the default Scott Walker in the public's eye.

Dropkick Murphys Tell Gov. Scott Walker 'Stop Using Our Music'

Presumably sometime in the near future (especially now that Walker's presidential bid is all but a sure thing), a handful of conservatives will see a song or album attributed to "Scott Walker," press play and be shocked to hear their straitlaced Ronald Reagan disciple singing lyrics such as "I've severed my reeking gonads/ Fed them to your shrunken face" (that's a line from Walker the Musician).

To head off any confusion people might have when faced by a world with Scott Walker (a sort-of-famous singer behind several genius albums) and Scott Walker (a man who would like to ban all abortions in Wisconsin after 20 weeks, regardless of incest or rape), here's a graphic comparison to clear up any lingering uncertainty.