5 Songs You Didn't Know Madonna Sang Backup On

Michael Putland/Getty Images

Madonna photographed in New York in 1984. 

For someone as internationally beloved as Madonna, it's strange to think there are musical nuggets from her golden years that most people might not be aware of.

We're not talking about unreleased demos, either -- these are commercially released recordings, several of which hit various Billboard charts. The reason no one associates them with her? She's the backup singer. And in many cases, her vocals were entirely uncredited.

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Below, check out five songs you didn't know Madonna sang backup on. And if you already knew about all five of these songs, well, you are an A+ die-hard.

Why Madonna didn't take lead on a song she wrote is beyond me. Regardless, "Sidewalk Talk" topped the Dance Club Songs chart -- a testament to her under-appreciated songwriting talent.