Hailey Bieber Says She & Justin Bieber 'Wouldn't Even Be Together' If It Weren't for Their Faith

Hailey Bieber chatted with Insecure actress and comedian Yvonne Orji on Wednesday (June 2) about navigating their relationship with God in the entertainment industry.

During one of her "A Conversation With" segments on YouTube, Bieber opened up about struggling to stick to the modest profile of a Christian as a model and how some of her shoots and social media posts have attracted negative attention from other religious people.

"I've met Christian people that are just super judgmental and made me feel like I'm a bad person because I don't live my life the way they think I should live my life," Bieber said. "And I felt weird about posting certain photos of myself or feeling like, 'People in the church are gonna see this. Am I doing something wrong? Am I setting a bad example?' And the reality is no!"

The reality is that hers and husband Justin Bieber's faith is "the biggest thing" that grounds their relationship. "If we didn't have that, we wouldn't even be here. We wouldn't even be together."

The 24-year-old model also talked about how she's feared some of her shoots that require showing more skin and wearing lingerie would receive backlash from other Christians who don't label her as "modest." While Orji recalled the struggle to sign the nude waiver required for shooting sex scenes on Insecure, Bieber revealed she would never model while completely nude.

"I think I also take a place where I'm like, 'OK, I wouldn't want to ever be shot naked, but props to any woman who's comfortable doing that,'" she told the Bamboozled by Jesus author.

Watch their conversation below.