Taylor Swift Shares the 'Truth' Behind Why We Haven't Seen Her Cat Meredith Recently

Taylor Swift
Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift poses in the press room at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards at the Los Angeles Convention Center on March 14, 2021.

Before you put up any "Missing Cat" posters around Taylor Swift's neighborhood, the singer/songwriter wants you to know that her OG cat Meredith is OK.

If you haven't been following the mystery, it turns out Swifties were worried about the status of Taylor's first cat, Meredith, after Swift seemed to be exclusively sharing pictures of her newer cats, Olivia and Benjamin. In a video posted Friday (April 16), Swift sets the record straight.

"We've been hearing some rumors on the Internet recently," Swift says, cradling Benjamin in her arms. "I mean, they're not about you, Benj, but they're about your sister."

A series of increasingly concerned fan comments flash across the screen -- "girl where is meredith," "where's meredith? I NEED ANSWERS," "TAYLOR SHOW US MEREDITH IS SHE OKAY WE NEED TO KNOW" -- and a title card reveals the real answer: "The truth is, Meredith just HATES having her picture taken." If you need proof, the video also has a slideshow of angry Meredith pics that would make Grumpy Cat proud.

"That's the explanation," Swift concludes. "She's just a really private little cat. She likes her business kept to herself. She doesn't like a camera shoved in her face, and who can blame her? So there's your update on Meredith."

The video is soundtracked by Swift's "Tell Me Why (Taylor's Version)" -- from the re-recorded Fearless album, which arrived a week ago -- and it ends with the perfect musical sentiment: "Now you know."

Watch the full video below:

Swift got her first cat Meredith Grey (named after Ellen Pompeo's title doctor in Grey's Anatomy) almost a decade ago, in October 2011, while Olivia Benson (named after Mariska Hargitay's Law & Order: SVU detective) arrived in June 2014. Finally, she brought home rescue cat Benjamin Button from the 2019 video set of her Lover lead single "ME!"