Jonas Brothers Reveal What Every Ultimate Driving Playlist Requires to Be 'Epic'

Jonas Brothers
Courtesy of Cadillac

Jonas Brothers

Summer is just around the corner, and with the warm weather also comes road trip season.

The Jonas Brothers, who recently partnered with Cadillac to experience the brand's hands-free driver assistance technology, shared their road trip essentials with Billboard this week -- and most importantly, their key to the ultimate driving playlist.

"[The perfect playlist] is collection of songs from everyone in the car to come together and create something epic," Joe Jonas tells Billboard. Adds Nick Jonas, "It has to have something for everybody. Mix in some oldies with current stuff you are liking. Keep it loose and fun with a variety."

"The ultimate driving playlist needs feeling," Kevin Jonas explains. "You need something moody, something energetic. For the most part, you need as many Celine Dion songs that you can sing along to. Or Shania Twain. Any song you can scream at the top of your lungs and not feel bad about is a win."

While Kevin opts for the powerhouse female vocalists, Joe reveals that he also loves a good chilled-out song while he's driving. "I always love putting on the Beatles or sometimes even just NPR news, classical music -- it depends how long my trip is," the "Cake by the Ocean" singer reveals.

"Right now I’ve been listening to some oldies," Nick agrees. "So just a good Motown playlist can always do the trick."

As for the partnership with Cadillac, Nick feels that it was a perfect fit. "Cadillac is a legacy brand that has brought a lot of joy to people for a long time," he explains. "I think for us, it made sense because we are like-minded. We want to make people happy and give them great experiences."

In a one-minute clip released on Thursday (March 25), Nick and Kevin hop into an Escalade. Once they merge onto the freeway, the "Spaceman" singer smiles from ear to ear when he activates Super Cruise and lets go of the wheel. The duo then use the car's WiFi to video chat Joe, whose FOMO overcomes him, leading him to jokingly request that his brothers pick him up because it's "contractual" that he is not left out.

"This was a first for me and it was awesome," Nick tells Billboard of the hands-free experience. "A little bit of a shock at first but it was so fun, and I loved every second of it."

Watch the JoBros cruise hands-free below.

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