Katy Perry 'Highly Recommends' Being a Mom... 'When You're Ready'

Katy Perry
Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry

Katy Perry opened up about her life-changing transition into motherhood after giving birth to her first child, Daisy Dove Bloom, in August.

"She changed my life and still continues to change my life," Perry said about her five-month-old child in an Instagram Live Thursday (Jan. 28).

The pop star reflected on how she's learned to prioritize time with her daughter within her busy schedule and create "boundaries" in her personal life.

"I think that you realize that when you become a mother... you just have to focus on being a mom," she said. "And it's not because you don't love other people, it's not because of anything besides you just want to be a great mom. So a lot of stuff falls away when you become a mom and it is the best job in the world. I highly recommend it when you're ready."

Perry recently lit up Washington, D.C., with her "Firework" performance during the "Celebrating America" primetime special last week to commemorate the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Even though the proud parents have debated which one Daisy looks like the most -- Bloom described her to Ellen DeGeneres as "my little mini-me, slash-mini-my mom, slash-mini-Katy" last fall -- the "Daisies" singer is more concerned about how she's grown up so quickly right before her eyes.

"I see my daughter change so much in the past five months and looking back at photos it's like, 'Whoa,'" Perry reflected. "You see time in human form and it's like… Now she's got chunky cheeks."

Daisy Dove Bloom was born on Aug. 26, 2020. "Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove Bloom! We are honoured to introduce Goodwill Ambassadors Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's new bundle of joy," UNICEF announced in a statement on behalf of the parents.