Here's When You Can Watch Season 2 of Selena Gomez's HBO Max Series 'Selena + Chef'

Selena Gomez
Courtesy Photo

Selena Gomez's HBO Max cooking show, Selena + Chef.

Selena Gomez is heading back to the kitchen to cook up the second season of her HBO Max cooking show Selena + Chef, which will premiere on Jan. 21.

HBO Max ordered seconds of the Rare singer's series, and she served up the happy news on Wednesday (Jan. 6) in a new video. "Season two is bringing so much more to the table: amazing chefs who I had a blast filming with, delicious new recipes and more of me accidentally setting things on fire," she quipped about last season's mishap regarding the parchment paper covering her veggies in the oven catching on fire.

The "Ice Cream" singer whipped up homemade yet gourmet meals with 10 master chefs from the comforts of their own homes during the ongoing pandemic for the first season of Selena + Chef, which premiered on Aug. 13, 2020. She also donated $10,000 to a food-related charity of the professional chef's choosing at the end of each episode.

But she prepared an extra serving with her Thanksgiving holiday special titled "Selena + Aarti: Friendsgiving," where Indian chef and Food Network star Aarti Sequeira helped Gomez cook a turkey for the first time as part of her Friendsgiving celebration with her grandparents and best friends.

Watch Gomez's Selena + Chef season 2 announcement below.