Halsey Is Back to Bald: See Her Shaved-Head Look

Halsey's hair evolution continues throughout quarantine, as the Badlands singer showed off her latest shaved-head look on Monday (Oct. 19).

In a TikTok video, Halsey flips her long brown wig to proudly debut her new 'do. "I love be bald," she wrote on Twitter.

After a Twitter user asked if she had a specific reason to switch it up, she replied, "I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said 'mm this is nice but I miss bald.' and then so I did it!"

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She notably rocked the buzzcut in 2015, and in a 2016 Nylon cover story, Halsey explained why she snipped it all off. "Hair has also been a big indicator of racial issues in my life," the biracial singer-songwriter said at the time. "It’s one of the ultimate symbolic struggles for women of color. Shaving my head was important to me because I needed to be able to prove that I could still love myself if I did it."

See Halsey's latest hair transformation and explanation below.