Why Louis the Child Is a Must-See DJ Duo at Coachella

Louis the Child
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Louis the Child

2018 is going to be huge for breakout EDM duo Louis the Child. Their newest single “Last to Leave” already made waves at this year’s Holy Ship!, and judging by our exclusive conversation with them onboard, this is only the beginning.

From Coachella to a newly announced show with Big Wild at Red Rocks and their first-ever European tour, these two have so much in store for the (near) future. And you can guarantee their upcoming shows are going to be bigger, better and filled with tons of new music that fans won't want to miss. We heard about it all from the rising stars themselves, Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, below.

How have things changed for you guys since going on tour?

Robby: I think just being able to put on a bigger production and show was a milestone for us. Leveling up on a musical, production, lighting, and video end feels like we really stepped it up and that’s a great feeling.

On the music side, we’re trying to make things more unique than ever before. We want to play more of our stuff, including old songs we’ve never really performed in front of a crowd before. We want it to feel a lot more like us, a Louis the Child show.

Do you guys ever wing it at a festival or a show? Or do you always stick to a planned set of songs?

Freddy: We definitely play to the energy of a crowd. Overall, we choose songs based on things we love and stuff that we think people would really like. We mix electronic dance music with classic song-writing — songs that are timeless and ones that people can get lost in.

Robby: I don’t think we really restrict ourselves at all. We’re open to playing and making music that feels good. Freddy and I are inspired by tons of different music and we listen to everything, which is what the modern listener is nowadays. We try to pull from every genre and sound that comes across our ears. At least when we’re performing, it’s a lot of that and thinking 'Wow, that would feel so good in a show.' Our goal is to take people on a journey. We want them to have certain moments and feel different emotions throughout the course of our show.

We’re sure everyone’s excited for what you’re planning for Coachella. What can we expect from that?

Freddy: We’re really excited for it. We plan to bring out some artists to sing some of the new songs coming out. I feel like we don’t exactly know what it’s going to be like yet, but it’s going to be completely different from what people saw in the fall.

Robby: We’re constantly just trying to move things forward on every single front and not do the same thing for too long.

Can you let us in on your festival style? Do you guys already have any looks in mind?

Freddy: I normally just look to see what I got, pack real quick, and go. For the most part, we like cozy streetwear, but in a cleaner way. We don’t really wear sweatpants or joggers too much. Right now, I put on an all-jean outfit because I love things that go together and look cool. I also base my style around color. I feel like I’m always switching my favorite color to wear. It has been between red and yellow the past few months — bright yellow, orange or red. I’ll probably go green next.

Robby: For me, I like wearing stuff that reminds me of my childhood interests. I’m a fan of tie-dye and Looney Tunes t-shirts, or stuff with a big smiley face that makes me feel like my younger self.

That’s awesome, so does that mean you dressed up for Holy Ship!’s 90’s night?

Robby: Yes! I had a Space Jam shirt that I wrangled for it.

So what’s next?

Robby: We’re off to our first European tour next month.

Freddy: That’s going to be awesome, and we also have a show on the moon in June...

The moon?!

Robby: Yup, Elon’s trying to get us to Mars soon, too, but we might have to pass on that. We have to get this album done and I got a plant to water.

A new album sounds amazing. How would you describe it for us?

Freddy: We’re not sure exactly when it’s going to be done, but we’re wrapping up a few songs on it. I feel like we’re trying to mix our style of production with writing styles of rap music, indie pop, and pop. We want to tie them all together. We have Joey Purp and Jacob Banks songs coming up — and they sound completely different, but I think it’s kind of cool that people don’t know what to expect.

Robby: I think our EP had a pretty diverse soundscape and we want to keep that going, instead of one narrow sound. We really want to express ourselves in different ways and not hold back in any way sonically.

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