Fergie and Her Family Are in the Wine Business

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for The Cove, Paradise Island
Fergie performs onstage at the weekend opening of The New ultra-luxury Cove Resort at Atlantis Paradise Island on Nov. 4, 2017 in the Bahamas. 

If Fergie is synonymous with one thing, it’s glamour in every sense of the word, though offstage (and in a poolside designer cabana in The Bahamas), she’s about as real as it gets. On the heels of an intimate performance on the beach celebrating the relaunch of luxury Paradise Island resort The Cove, one of her preferred vacation locales, she’s smiling—glowing, even—especially at the mention of family; her son, Axl Jack, is among her favorite subjects, followed closely by her shared passion with her dad: wine.

The family business and Fergie’s life of performance are not so different from one another. Both require artistic talent and discipline, above all, the right atmosphere: something that The Cove coincidentally shares as a beacon of luxury in the local hospitality scene. It’s not necessarily the traditional venue for a Fergie concert by any means, but it’s a brilliant one, paying homage to the country’s rich culture and history through art and culinary experience (celebrated chef José Andrés is set to open Fish, a hyperlocal seafood concept, on property in the coming months), and the rolling waves in the background at all times lend a calming soundtrack to it all. The magic is definitely not lost on Fergie; here, she shares with Billboard Style her affinity for all of the above.

This place is stunning. Have you been able to enjoy it much between prepping for the show?

Yeah! It was just great walking onto the premises; it’s so beautiful here, and I love waking up to the waves crashing. It’s the relaunch and it’s great to see what they’ve done with it, because I’ve performed here before.

And you’ve vacationed here before too, right?


How do you feel it’s evolved since the last time you were here?

Well, Sacred Space, the art exhibition by Antonius Roberts that’s here, is amazing. It’s about the Seven Sacred Women, representing the 700 islands of The Bahamas. I think that’s absolutely beautiful. The vibe here now is (and was before) just really loose and cool and relaxed. And that’s what I love; I love shows like this because it’s not so stuffy or buttoned-up. People are here to have a good time and to enjoy music and the ocean vibes, the food, the drinks, and just live their best life.

Speaking of drinks, what do you like to drink personally before or after a show?

I definitely love a glass of Ferguson Crest after the show, for sure! [laughs]

That’s your family’s wine, right?

Yeah! It’s a boutique wine, so it’s not mainstream, but we’re very proud of it. It’s great wine.


It’s Santa Ynez, yeah.

Did you grow up doing wine, or is that more of a recent thing for your family?

Well, my dad retired years ago, and he’s always been a horticulturist—he would grow everything in the backyard. He would do tangelos and, you know, all of our apples were always small because they were always organic; my dad was doing organic before anyone even knew what organic was! He was a teacher and a high school football coach, and when he retired from that, he said, “I wanna move up north and I wanna grow. That’s what makes me happy, that’s what’s cathartic for me, so I’m gonna grow grapes and make some wine,” and we said, “Ok! Great, Dad!” And then we finally went up there and tasted the first batch and it was good.

So of course, I said, “Well, now we have to bottle it and we have to sell it—people need to taste this wine!” I just designed the label, of course because I had to get my creative juices flowing, if you will. And now we have a Syrah, a Cabernet, two blends (one is Fergalicious and the other one is Axl Jack), and we have a white, which is a Viognier.

So would you call yourself an oenophile?

I’m a lover of wine tasting [laughs]. I’m not an expert, by any means, but we grow it and I like to taste it.

I feel like wine can kind of be intimidating at times.

Yeah! Yeah, it’s hard because I’m not as well-versed as I would like to be.

So besides tasting wine and José Andrés’s cooking while you’re at The Cove, how do you plan to spend the rest of your time here?

Ah, well I’m in a Sapphire Suite which has such an amazing view of the ocean and pools, all of it—I can see the stage right from my room, too. I went down to the gym today and just walked around and it was just really gorgeous. I’ve gotta bring my son back here, because I’m seeing all the dolphins swimming and the water park and the rafting and all of that. But tomorrow, I gotta get in that ocean. The one thing about here is that the waves are calm. So if you wanna go in, you’re not just gonna get a big waved splashed in your face…you can kind of relax your way into it. And I like that. I really enjoy that.


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