Bad Bunny on Latin's New Look: 'Vibrant, Loud, Colorful'

Bad Bunny
Courtesy of Hear This Music

Bad Bunny

Puerto Rican trap star Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, embraces a “vibrant, loud, colorful” aesthetic, he says. His approach isn’t unique when it comes to Latin trap artists. Acts like Ozuna, Farruko and others embrace the more-is-more look with layered accessories, bright colors and out-there prints. The 23-year-old breaks down a typical outfit.

Hair: “I love the color red, so I wanted to play on that with the pink, which adds something different to the funky shaven hair designs I usually sport.”

Accessories: “The glasses are Oakleys, which I really favor. A lot of ballplayers wear them. The necklace is inspired by the golfer emoji. I am always using the hashtag #SiemprePicheo [“always pitching”] and wanted to do something fun with that.”

Jacket: “I probably found this jacket at Urban Outfitters, where I shop a lot. I wore all white underneath to bring out the white details in the jacket.”

Kicks: “Simple [Janoski] Nikes. Simple goes a long way.”

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 11 issue of Billboard.