Now Your Feet Can Live in a 'Yellow Submarine' Thanks to This Sock Collection

Happy Socks "The Beatles" Collection
Courtesy of Factory PR

Happy Socks "The Beatles" Collection

When Viktor Tell, the creative director of Happy Socks (aka the happiest sock brand in the world), was presented with the opportunity to do a limited edition capsule collection in partnership with The Beatles (aka one of the most influential rock bands in the world), the goal was immediately obvious to him: to pay homage to The Yellow Submarine (aka one of the most iconic animated films in the world). It was a no-brainer.

“The Beatles have always been in my mind—in particular, The Yellow Submarine, because of how fun and colorful it was,” Tell says. “There were so many graphics to pull from and we got to put it together in a fun way.”

The unforgettable 1968 film—a vibrant, psychedelic masterpiece with a soundtrack made up of select hits by The Beatles that follows a plotline in which The Beatles join Captain Fred in his yellow submarine to free Pepperland from the Blue Meanies—is especially meaningful to Tell. As it turns out, his father worked on the movie, specifically the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” scene.

“Growing up, my dad told me stories about working on The Yellow Submarine and how he directed that one part, which is a little different from the rest of the movie—it’s more psychedelic, it really stands out,” he reminisces. “The cartoon was a part of my childhood and it stuck with me for a long time—I was able to watch it as a child and now, as a grown-up.”  

The Happy Socks x The Beatles collection boasts six designs based on the film’s characters and scenes, including The Dreadful Flying Glove, Chief Blue Meanie (who the team brought to life for the campaign) and Jeremy, Pepperland, and, of course, the Yellow Submarine (a non-negotiable, naturally). And rather ingeniously, the socks are packaged in collectible gift boxes designed to resemble a record LP and EP.

And the beauty of a Happy Socks collaboration is that it feels like a true collaboration, with the sock as a vehicle to communicate the message. “It has to feel real—when we did the Snoop Dogg collection, we asked him what he wanted to do and he wanted to be Snoop da Vinci, so it became an art project,” Tell explains. “Here, The Beatles aren’t around anymore, but we wanted to capture the essence of what The Yellow Submarine was about. It should feel like The Yellow Submarine represented on a pair of socks.”

When asked if Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have had the chance to see (or even wear!) the socks, Tell says, unfortunately, he doesn’t know—but he does think they’ll love it. “We’re all about happiness and love, and The Beatles were all about love,” he says. “I think it was perfect how that aligned—to have that energy, positivity, and happiness in this collection.

The Yellow Submarine collection (individual pairs will retail for $14, a three-pack gift box for $40, and a six-pack for $78) will be available at Happy Socks stores and starting Oct. 3.