How to Make Instagram Videos Like Beyonce

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch
Beyonce walks backstage during the 2017 Budweiser Made in America festival - Day 2 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sept. 3, 2017 in Philadelphia.

Beyonce (or Slayoncé as one fan affectionately named her) has been killing the Instagram video game recently, making her own long-form gifs and posting them as quick personal snapshots of her daily ensembles. Tuesday's offering, for instance, was pink and glitter themed, with Bey in a pair of hot pink leggings and a 60's inspired blouse and tinted red shades, rocking a pair of glittery pink $750 Louboutin heels that Blue is also seen trying on. Of course, like all Bey vids, each is cut to a different track and this one is cut slightly off-beat to SZA's "Love Galore".

But how does the Queen make these collaged instavids? While we're pretty sure she's got her own editor on hand to whip up a few gifs in Photoshop, below are the 3 best apps we (suspect) the singer uses or would use to create her clickable works of art--and hey, maybe you might be able to make some, too.


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From the makers of PHHHOTTO (which, according to some of the Hive's most dedicated fans was the actual app Beyonce used to make her videos back in 2015) comes HYPNO, an app that allows you to film and edit videos and photos, then swipe to add real music video clips and music interspersed between your original content. 


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2. Apple Clips

While it's not as cool and high-tech as HYPNO, Apple Clips gets the job done. Think of this basically as Snapchat-meets-Photo Booth for your iPhone. Apple Clips allows you to insert text and emojis onto your photos and videos and place premade backgrounds behind them. Still no word yet on when the glitter background a-la Bey is coming, though.


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If you're an Insta-fiend, then you know the cult-following VSCO has amassed. Use DSCO the same way, only create gifs out of videos instead. DSCO has all the same great filters and amenities of VSCO, including the ability to manage presets, which is pretty cool if you're looking to enhance that highlight on fleek.