Does New York Streetwear Go With French Champagne? Moët & Chandon and Public School Think So

Moët x Public School
Courtesy of Moet & Chandon

Moët x Public School

Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow, the design duo behind Public School, have long been the subject of fascination amongst fashion industry elite and hypebeasts alike. It was ultimately inevitable that another pioneering brand -- albeit of another world completely -- would forge a path with the sole purpose of crossing Public School’s, and after year in the making, Moët & Chandon together with PSNY reveal the product of their collaboration: a triptych of custom bottles celebrating the Nectar Impérial Rosé cloaked in matte black. Here, Osborne and Chow give Billboard Style the rundown on how it all came together.

Courtesy of Moet & Chandon
Moët x Public School

10 years ago, it all started with a leather jacket; today it's a collab with one of the biggest champagne houses in the world. What's the ride been like?

M: Fashion is not just about clothes; it’s about the way that you live, and it’s been such an honor to work with brands throughout these years that emulate our lifestyle.

D: It’s always exciting to tap into different markets and work with people that do things well, from Oliver Peoples to Jordan to Moët & Chandon. Working with these brands that are the best in their fields has been so rewarding to collaborate on those projects.

How did this collab come about?

D: Moët & Chandon approached us about collaborating on a bottle design about a year ago. When we first visited Moët’s cellars in Épernay, France and learned about the birth and history of the brand, the collaboration really felt right.

M: We come together with brands that emulate our lifestyle. When you think about champagne, you think about Moët & Chandon; you think about celebration, and you think about nightlife. Moët really resonated with us as it’s all about celebrating life, and celebrating what’s happening right now. We’re interested in creating products that make up that whole other spectrum outside of fashion.

Courtesy of Moet & Chandon
Moët x Public School

How much champagne have you been drinking the past few months?

M: Surprisingly, not a lot.

What are the parallels you'd draw between designing a piece of clothing and designing a bottle?

D: When we began the creative process, it was fun to see how we could apply the Public School aesthetic while also taking away some of those distinct elements that you typically find on the Moët bottle. We played with shapes and colors and really stuck to that design philosophy throughout the collaboration, incorporating the enigmatic Public School vibe.

Quick: glass of bubbly or champagne cocktail?

M: Glass of champagne.

What would you say your levels of wine knowledge are right now?

M: We know a lot about champagne and rosé...
D: ...enough to get us by in the hills of Épernay [laughs]

Is the partnership with Moët limited to this bottle iteration or is there more to come?

D: For now, we are excited to be unveiling the three-limited edition Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé bottles and the wooden case. It’s been a really fun collaboration process.