German Rapper Ace Tee on Touring With Future and Her First H&M Collab: New Face, Fresh Style

Courtesy of H&M
H&M X Ace Tee

Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd and Zara Larsson have previously partnered with the Swedish retailer for their respective fashion campaigns.

After dropping the visual for her song "Bist Du Down?" ("Are You Down?" in English), Hamburg, Germany-raised artist Ace Tee is making waves thanks to her smooth vocals, lively dancing, and eclectic fashion taste. “My style is me; it’s young, fresh and clean in a retro way. I like baggy staples from the 90s as well as the elegant pieces,” Ace Tee (né Tarin Wilda) tells Billboard during an exclusive interview. Before the 23-year-old joins Future on the UK leg of his Future Hendrxx tour, Billboard Style exclusively previews the singer’s H&M collection, which is filled with an array of throwback hip-hop fashion staples. 

Pieces range from an orange camo print zippered crop top (pricing is still TBD), which Wilda rocks with a pair of black elastic waist sport-stripe track pants. To finish off her effortless and chic ensemble, she threw on a classic dark wash denim jacket, boasting plenty of white stitching and zippered cuffs draped over her shoulders. 

Get to know Wilda's old school swagger, the root of her passion for the '90s and more in this week's New Face, Fresh Style column.

What role does fashion play in representing who you are as an artist?

A huge role. The music video for “Bist Du Down?” got a lot of hype because of the fashion, so, I know it’s a big part, and that’s funny because we (rapper Kwam.E) were easy with it. Of course, we thought about what we were going to wear, but it was not the biggest part of the video. 

When you dropped that music video, the fashion and sound were both influenced by the ‘90s. What is it about that decade's style that appeals to you?

I think, right now everybody kind of looks the same. In the ‘90s you had more subculture, and you could express to it. There were the ravers, the hip-hop freaks, the metalheads and I really like that you could express yourself and people could kind of guess what you were into. 

What trends from that decade are you are you happy to see return in today's fashion scene?

That’s a tough one. I like that the hairstyles are coming back. I have the feeling that in the ‘90s, hair in the urban culture was more a statement than it is now. Also, the baggy look is my favorite. 

How did growing up in Germany influence your fashion sensibility? 

I think I was always a kid of the world. Germany nor any other country has anything to do with it. From African style (her mother is from Ghana) to hip-hop to high-end. My influence was (TLC and Da Brat) music videos, my parents, and friends. 

What are your off-duty wardrobe staples? What about during performances?

On a day-to-day basis, I’m going to rock a jumper, jeans sneakers, nothing too fancy. During the performances, we always try to make something special, but it`s always different. I talk to my girls (dancers) who have different styles, about which pieces they want to wear, and then we pick my outfit to complement it.

Speaking of performances, what’s your favorite aspect of touring? 

Well, I like to be with my team. It’s also really nice to travel and meet new people. Performing is kind of strange because no one really knows our songs, but we receive so much love right now (from media, brands, and fans). Meeting fans is still an unbelievable feeling.

The H&M x Ace Tee collection will be available in select stores in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands along with an online exclusive for the US starting September 7th.