The Adidas Original Campaign with Snoop Dogg Took The Top Music Award in Cannes

A scene from Johannes Leonardo’s remagining of Sinatra’s "My Way" for Adidas.
Courtesy of Adidas

A scene from Johannes Leonardo’s remagining of Sinatra’s "My Way" for Adidas.

The Johannes Leonardo Agency took home the Grand Prix for the Entertainment for Music Award at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity on Tuesday night (June 20) thanks to their Adidas Original Is Never Finished campaign. The multimedia campaign featured a slickly produced Terence Neal-directed video centered around the reinvention of the Frank Sinatra classic hit "My Way," and included star cameos from Snoop Dogg,  Desiigner and MadeinTYO.

 "‘My Way’ is a film that aims to empower young creatives to do things themselves, to make them on their own, but still being inspired by that past,” Ferdinando Verderi, creative director of Johannes Leonardo, told Adweek. The two minute video centers around the idea that originality doesn’t have to mean being first. “Most younger kids, all of us, when we [try to make something] creative the first time, hear, ‘That’s been done before.’ That’s one of the things that block people from creating. It’s so intimidating; everything’s been done before,” he said. “But if you look at the most important things in art history, they all started from something that’s been done before. Obviously it’s impossible to distinguish between inspirations and a trait of creativity that passes from one to another. So we wanted to make a statement about that. We took iconic scenes from the past and turned them into something for today.”

After receiving the award, Verderi offered some personal history, “We started Johannes Leonardo with nothing but a belief in the power of transformative brand ideas. Our three-year strike thru platform for Adidas Originals proves the impact it can have on the fortunes of a company, on a category and on culture. Of course accolades are nice, but when they come with legitimate business results, and help trigger the unprecedented resurgence of one of the world’s most loved brands, they mean so much more. This work is the result of a deep and open partnership with Adidas."