KCON NY Preview: Don't Miss The Boy Beauty Workshop and Cuteness Battle

Michael Boardman/Getty Images
GFriend perform at KCON LA 2016 at L.A. LIVE on July 30, 2016 in Los Angeles. 

KCON expo returns to the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., June 23-24 prior to its Los Angeles event in August for a celebration of K-pop culture as well as a traditional lineup of major acts.

Korean Culture, Beyond Pop

KCON is not merely a stateside K-pop music fest. The expo is more of a celebration of K-pop culture than a traditional lineup of major acts (though A-listers like Twice, CNBLUE and Highlight will perform). “What KCON does is actually bring all of Korea to America -- the music, the fashion, K-beauty and K-food,” says Pious Jung, CEO of KCON co-organizer CJ America. Attendees should keep their eyes peeled for these fan experiences at KCON NY.


As for music, expect a lot of pouty faces when girl group Twice performs its 2016 chart-topping hit, “TT.” The pop track’s title refers to the emoticon where two T’s represent a face with two streams of tears; in the music video’s matching choreography, the ladies signal crying while wiggling their hips.  


Both female and male K-pop stars are known for embracing cosmetic products, and KCON is clueing in the boys on how to strike a pose like performers NCT 127 and KNK. Saturday afternoon’s Boy Beauty Class workshop promises to teach dudes about skin hydration and how to master face masks.


“Aegyo” is a Korean word that refers to baby-like displays of affection; acts like GFriend became famous for the adolescent singing style, while crowds often beg male idols to break character and “do aegyo.” KCON’s Aegyo Battle will have attendees turning up the twee to win signed artist items.

This article originally appeared in the July 1 issue of Billboard.