New Face, Fresh Style: Anna of the North on Scandinavian Style, Debut Album & Song Premiere (Exclusive)

Anna of the North
Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Anna of the North 

This week, Billboard's New Face, Fresh Style column is spotlighting the quintessentially Scandivan singer Anna Lotterud of the Oslo-based electro-pop duo Anna of the North

Over the last three years, Lotterud and producer Brady have honed their distinct, dreamy synth-pop sound to finally bring fans their upcoming debut album Lovers, which is out this fall (Sept. 8). And while their melodic track is refreshing, Lotterud's penchant for fashion is equally as captivating. Last fall, she caught the attention of Swedish retail giant H&M -- who has worked with an eclectic mix of artists; most recently The Weeknd, Zara Larsson and Future -- where she served as brand ambassador for the Kenzo x H&M lookbook.

Get to know Lotterud's "minimalist" approach to fashion and beauty, along with an exclusive premiere of the group's latest single "Lovers," below.

Describe your style in three words.

Comfortable, minimalist and clean. 

Tell us about your collaboration with H&M.

We did this show in Norway called "H&M Loves Music," and they wanted me to be in the promo video. I don't know whether or not that was the reason but a couple of days later, they asked if I wanted to be a part of the Kenzo x H&M campaign. It was insane and a huge compliment that out of all the people they could have asked, they asked me. It was a really good experience. I have to say that I was super nervous [because] it was my first ever shoot, and it was such a huge production. But all the people were amazing and made me feel really comfortable. 

How does your style reflect your music?

I never plan what to wear or go searching for clothes. The stuff I buy is usually something I randomly walk by and then I just fall in love and have to have it. When I dress in the morning, I don't walk out the door until I feel comfortable. I need to wear stuff that feels like a part of me. Like an outfit that kind of looks like me. I know it sounds weird, but it's the same with my music. No music is done until it sounds like something that was always meant to be in my life. 

What is your favorite piece to wear on stage while performing?

That must be a black or white oversized t-shirt. I love comfy clothes and can't wait till we perform this summer. It's so much easier to dress when you don't have to have a million layers. 

What's your off-duty look like and how is that different from your on-stage look?

I think I look quite similar either way. Or I wear a lot of white on stage. I can't do that when I don't perform. I always spill things everywhere. I'm actually working on this collection for some stage clothes now with a friend of mine now who is a really good designer, Mari Hartvedt Nordén. It's going to be really exciting to see how it turns out.

What is your favorite and least favorite trend?

My least favorite trend is flare jeans, and my favorite is a turtleneck.

What's one thing you never feel complete without wearing?

Headphones [laughs].

What can you tease about your upcoming album, Lovers? And what about the album art--what will you be wearing?

I'm really excited about the album in general. We've done a couple of singles, but I don't feel like we've really gotten to show who we are. I feel like with this album, we're showing all sides of ourselves, and I'm excited about not only showing the upbeat tracks but the slow jams too. For the album cover, I'm in all white.

Who are some of your favorite designers to wear?

I've gotten really hung up on a brand called Hope from Stockholm and a Norwegian brand called FWSS lately. There is also this designer Christina Ledang (C.L.E.A.N) that is really great. I love Scandinavian design. 

Minimalist makeup seems to be an essential part of your look; what's your favorite feature to play up and what's your favorite product to use for playing it up?

To be honest, I have a really simple makeup routine, and when I play it up, I just go harder on the makeup in general. I put some pinkish rough on my cheekbones and maybe some lip gloss if I'm being really crazy. 


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