This Is The Artist Behind Beyonce's 'The Carter Push Party' Henna Tattoo

Beyonce performs at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP, File

Beyonce performs at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. 

We recently reported on Beyoncé's Push Party henna tattoo, an incredibly intricate and beautiful work of art, done by a previously unknown tattooist. But lucky for you, we found the artist behind Bey’s exquisite henna tattoo: Deepali Deshpande, an L.A.-based celebrity henna artist who has previously worked with Shay Mitchell, Evan Rachel Wood and Pia Mia.

We chatted with her about how she was hired, how long it took and the meaning behind the design.

How did you and Beyoncé meet?

I got a phone call from Beyoncé's team the night before her baby shower about doing henna on her belly the next morning. They liked my Instagram and hired me after making sure I use natural henna with quality essential oils. I was thrilled and couldn't believe it was actually happening until I met Beyoncé. I have worked with many celebrities, but Queen Bey was my dream client. I was honored I was able to adorn her belly on her special day.

Where did it take place?

I went to her place where the baby shower was organized and it took almost 2.5 hours.


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What’s the significance of having a henna tattoo on the bump?

Henna ceremonies are seen in different cultures to celebrate special occasions, to wish good luck, or as evil eye protection. Traditionally, henna adornment on hands and feet is more common, but these days, henna body art is becoming increasingly popular. Henna on a baby bump is a perfect example of traditional art done in a modern way.

How did you and Beyoncé settle on a design?

Beyoncé showed me what style she liked from my portfolio and explained what symmetry she likes, but she gave me the freedom to create my own design. She preferred bold geometrical elements of Moroccan designs with Indian traditional filler patterns inside and around the main composition. The design I created for Beyonce is a fusion of traditional Indian and Moroccan style.

And what was the meaning behind it?

For pregnant bellies, mandala designs (round patterns) are more common, but for Beyoncé, we decided to go for diamond-shaped symmetry. Meanings and symbolism vary among different cultures, but diamond shapes in Moroccan designs represent evil eye protection. Indian traditional lotus fillers symbolized purity and the blossom of new life. I also added an accent of tiny white dots along the edge, using skin safe cosmetic-grade white body paint, for the perfect touch of African tribal art, which complemented her baby shower theme -- and it added dimension to the design.

What was Beyoncé’s reaction?

Beyoncé loved the design, and that's the biggest compliment I have ever received!