All the Details on J.Lo's Gorgeous Billboard Latin Music Awards Red Carpet Look: Exclusive

Styling duo Rob and Mariel have been working with Latin star and Billboard Latin Music Awards performer Jennifer Lopez for years now, and it's easy to see why.

For the BBLMAs red-carpet earlier Thursday night (April 27), the stylists dressed J.Lo in a Julien MacDonald dress that they say is "both totally unexpected and classic Jen."

What kind of impact do you want Jennifer's look to have on the red carpet of the biggest Latin event of the year?

We always want Jennifer to make a statement with a look that personifies who she is: confident, bold and glamorous. Though we love pushing the envelope and experimenting with different colors, textures and shapes, everything circles back to Jennifer’s iconic style. Because she is such a Latin icon, we especially want her to feel like the best version of herself for any Latin-themed events.

How did you all collaborate on the look with Jennifer?

Jennifer will usually talk to us about a mood or character she wants to embody for different events, i.e. ‘something timeless’, ‘something sexy’, ‘something Old Hollywood-inspired’ and so on. From there, we will pull from different designers, focusing on pieces that fit the mood Jennifer described and maybe a few that we think will look incredible, even if they don’t capture her original request. We usually do fittings very close to the event. In fact, often times, Jennifer won’t decide on a look until the day of, sometimes even right before she walks out of the door.

What makes this look work, and what is your favorite element of this gown?

The sexy cut, plunging neckline and open back is something that’s become a signature for Jennifer; sexy, feminine, fearless. However, the dress being black with its intricate outlines is a bit edgier and has more of a "gothic" feel than what you’d expect Jennifer Lopez to wear. It feels dark and mysterious, which is pretty opposite from Jen’s vibe. It has a major surprise factor yet is still completely her, which is essentially the goal.

Alexander Tamargo/WireImage
Jennifer Lopez attends the Billboard Latin Music Awards at Watsco Center on April 27, 2017 in Coral Gables, Fla.