DNCE's JinJoo Lee Talks 'Sailor Moon' Style Inspiration and Not Following Trends: Exclusive

JinJoo Lee of DNCE performs at the House of Blues on Jan. 29, 2017 in New Orleans.
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JinJoo Lee of DNCE performs at the House of Blues on Jan. 29, 2017 in New Orleans. 

DNCE guitarist JinJoo Lee does not want to fit in. The South Korean native is the only girl in the Joe Jonas-fronted band, and proudly continues to stand out with her eclectic sense of style.

Billboard Style had a chance to interview her on where she looks for fashion inspiration and how she dares to be different.

Where does your style inspiration come from?

My style inspiration depends on my mood. Some days, I wake up feeling girly, so I’ll dress girly. But sometimes, I wake up feeling like a rocker chick, and then I’ll dress like that. Honestly, I’m not really into trends. I track trends so I won’t follow them. I’m an '80s baby, so I really love styles from back in the day. I really like TLC’s vibe. Anything from the '80s and '90s, [particularly] the hip-hop and girly styles from those periods.

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

I would have to say, Sailor Moon. Kind of [because I want to feel like a super hero], but also, any time her mood changes, everything in her outfit changes -- even her nails and hair! I love that attitude.


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What do you tend to focus on in every look? Do you have one part of your outfit that’s your absolute favorite? Or do you tend to play around with a lot of different pieces? 

I change my hair and nails constantly, and when I’m into something I only focus on that until I get sick of it. Right now, I’m really into sunglasses and chokers. I’m so glad that chokers are coming back, because there’s so many cute options now. I really like cute things. Whenever I see something that I think is really cute and unique, and I feel a connection with it, I’ll buy it. I don’t care if it’s old -- I go to vintage and thrift stores all the time.

As the only girl in a band full of guys, how do you create a cohesive look with the band while still maintaining your own individuality?

First off, being in a band full of guys is the best thing in the world. We’re really not trying to blend together; our styles just [mesh together] organically. We all have really strong personalities and we are such different people. Our styles are always clashing, but somehow they always make sense together. We all like being ourselves and letting things just happen the way they do. That’s what DNCE is.


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How important is fashion and style to you? What part does it play in your everyday life? 

Style and fashion can be expressed through your attitude, your cologne, your lip color, your hairstyle… Everything in your outfit expresses your style that day. I think that style is the one thing that simply represents you to yourself and to the world without using words.