Singer Drew Vision Danced for Beyonce, Modeled for Coach and is Ready for Center Stage: New Face, Fresh Style

Jessica Xie
Drew Vision photographed at Billboard HQ on March 24, 2017 in New York City. 

"I always accessorize," says Drew Vision, when asked about his personal style. The New York-native, indie R&B-soul singer then proceeds to pull out three golden rings and two earrings from Topman out of his pocket. While adding the accessories to his casual ensemble of a Reason sweater hoodie, Zara jeans, and worn-in brown leather Aldo boots, the singer explains that the outfit was actually rushed last minute. As an emerging triple threat of singing, modeling, and acting -- even dancing, if you count his appearance as a two-stepping groomsman in Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Never Had" video -- Drew Vision has spent many busy years dabbling in all those worlds, doing whatever he can to get more exposure. 

It all started at the age of five when Vision's family wanted him to sing center stage at their church. That led to appearances in high school musicals and landed him a vocal scholarship at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, Long Island. Eventually, Vision decided to "hit the ground running" and perform gigs in pursuit of a solo career. To support himself, he became a wedding singer and smartly learning how to sing in Hebrew for Bar-Mitzvahs and in Spanish for Quinceañeras. The entertainer also modeled for the likes of Coach (who gifted him his favorite jacket, their MA-1 in surplus nylon) and appeared in international ads for Lays and Pepsi.  


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Drew Vision released two EPs independently -- 20/20 (2011) and The Doldrums (2013) -- before taking a break from recording. "As far as the music industry, I had tried everything. I shot videos that never came out. Raised money, lost money. The business side of it was kicking my ass." It'd take a songwriting friend and the music video for Kyle's "Raining Love" to inspire him to start up again. Vision contacted his family friend, and current manager, Ron King, who converted one of the bedrooms of his Hells Kitchen apartment into a recording studio. The result after two and a half weeks was Vision's summer 2016 project, The Balance

With a new attitude and management, the singer started touring around Europe and performed at last summer's Essence Musical Festival, all while taking his acting career up another notch. Tasha Smith, a leading player in Tyler Perry's For Better or Worst and Cookie Lyon's sister in Empire, stumbled upon a casting director's Instagram post of Vision and requested that he take a few of her acting classes for free. 

When it comes to fashion, the independent artist relies on his instincts. For his single's music video -- which was shot in the Barbados -- Vision dressed himself in All Saints. He believes that personal style "is being aware of the quality that you purchase." He's a fan of Buffalo Exchange and Jimmy Jazz (another brand he's modeled for) thanks to their affordable, high-quality offerings. "If I had a plain white t-shirt but it's good material, I'm worth a million bucks." Also a lover of shoes, Flight Club in NYC's East Village is his go-to spot for kicks. Opting not to look "bummy" -- because it wouldn't match his persona -- the soul singer's fashion choices are inspired by his current icon, Usher and the legendary Donny Hathaway

Drew Vision has an upcoming gig, taking over BET's Snapchat for the next 13 Thursdays leading up to the network's annual award show. The series titled DVThursdays will chronicle the rising star's ongoing adventures. He hopes to bring a chill presence to the project and is looking forward to whatever comes his way next.