New Face, Fresh Style: Pop Singer Maggie Lindemann Isn't Just a 'Pretty Girl'

Maggie Lindemann
Daniel Regan

Maggie Lindemann

Though still in the early stages of her career, 18-year-old Maggie Lindemann knows what she wants.

“I think that I’ve stayed pretty true to myself,” Lindemann tells Billboard of her swift success: Her 2015 debut single “Knocking on Your Heart” shot to the top 20 on the iTunes Alternative Chart within 24 hours of its release, and every single following has gained a similar viral success. She’s even hit No. 5 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

Growing up in Dallas, music was always a passion. Lindemann sang in church choirs and musicals at school but spent a lot of her teenage years expressing herself on social-media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram (which now has over 1.9 million followers). Not long after she was discovered by her now-manager Gerald Tennison -- he found a video of her singing on Instagram -- Lindemann moved to L.A. to pursue music at only 16 years old.  

“When people call me a social-media star, I feel looked past for being a singer,” Lindemann says. “But I love being on social media because I'm able to connect with people and spread awareness.” As the subject of tumultuous Internet drama and bullying, the singer has survived her fair share of digital fame with a strong sense of self intact.



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Influenced by alternative pop musicians like Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez and BANKS, Lindemann flexes her diverse tastes with each track. Her debut single, 2015’s “Couple of Kids,” explores the melancholy side of love and the pop ballad; the cinematic storytelling plays like an ode to Lana’s template for doomed desire. Her sultry 2016 single “Things” hints at Lindemann’s love of hip-hop in terms of production and attitude. “I get inspired by rap because it hypes me up,” she affirms. “It’s really easy for me to get in the moment.”

Lindemann’s first music video, a storied interpretation of her latest single “Pretty Girl,” showcases her evolving style and outspoken stance against sexism. “[‘Pretty Girl’] is about being more than just what people see online and girls being more than our physical appearances,” the singer explains. “I think people need to look past just that and find what's deeper.”

A huge fan of Urban Outfitters, Lindemann describes her personal style as grungy. “I love to wear dark clothes, tall creepers and chains. I love Hood by Air, and my Rihanna Fenty boots are my favor pair of shoes ever.” In the music video, Lindemann and her crew wear tattoo chokers and leather jackets, a reflection of the singer’s sartorial inclinations.

The “Pretty Girl” singer is also an unofficial makeup connoisseur and even made an appearance at 2015’s Beautycon among the “beauty gurus” she loves to watch on YouTube. “I don't really know how to do makeup very well, but I just do it how I think it's done,” Lindemann tells Billboard. “I really love Giorgi Armani’s products.”

As she works on her first full-length project, which will be released under Kevin Liles' 300 Entertainment, Lindemann looks forward to a more mature sound. “I’m excited for it to come out because I think this stuff is really dope, and I think people are going to like it.”



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