Behind the Givenchy Coat in Future's Poignant 'Use Me' Video: Exclusive

Future, "Use Me"
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Future, "Use Me"

Future’s sobering, confessional track “Use Me” stands out in the already emotional album HNDRXX -- the cynicism and autobiographical guilt swell with Sidney Swift, Detail and The Track Burnaz's lush production to create a powerful moment in the rapper’s repertoire. 

More powerful still is the official “Use Me” music video, which follows a codeine-sipping Future confronting the pains of his younger self. The two meet in an empty diner and return to a run-down house where a woman has been robbed and left in anguish, face down and tied up.

Though the clip is simple, the aesthetic of “Use Me” was carefully considered. Bobby Wesley, Future’s stylist, knew how personal this track was to the Atlanta rapper. “Future wanted his look to be strong so the message that he was delivering [with 'Use Me'] couldn’t break him, no matter how powerful it was,” Wesley explains to Billboard. “We wanted to use darker colors, something to make him look untouchable and unapproachable.”

For “Use Me,” Future stunts in a bold, checkered Givenchy jacket with an oversize hoodie, Gucci sunglasses, Dries Van Noten pants, and Dolce & Gabbana shoes. “The hoodie [on the Givenchy coat] was so oversized that if he walked past you, you didn’t even know who he was because he was so guarded,” the stylist said. “I felt like that helped deliver the message so strongly.”


When it came to choosing the look, the stylist wanted an emotional connection. “My approach for this video was whichever look got the biggest expression out of Future, that's the one we're going to use,” Wesley said. “When he saw that coat, he was blown away. I knew that was the coat for the shoot.”

After setting a new record with two back-to-back No.1 Billboard 200 album debuts, with Future and then HNDRXX, Future and Wesley worked toward building the works’ separate identities through his personal style. “For HNDRXX, we took bits and pieces of the classic rocker style of Jimi Hendrix and mixed it with the modern-day chic Future wears today.”